13 Ways To Improve Your Life In 90 Days (And How to Do It)

Life sucks and you want to know what you can do to improve it right?
We all do.
My post last week on how to turn your life around really got me thinking.

“What would you be interested in reading that can help you improve the quality of your life?”
I like to ask these questions because it acts as a constant guide for me in my writing. It ensures that I write articles that will always be valuable to you who reads them.
Turning your life around can take time, like several months, even years. It’s a process that requires a lot of patience, commitment, and mental and emotional strength, especially if you’re starting over from scratch.
Then it hit me!
Why not give advice that can help you create small improvements in the short term. That way you won’t have to wait years to start feeling like your life is improving.
Now let me be clear on something. Improving your life doesn’t mean becoming massively rich or successful in 90 days. This isn’t a quick fix solution.
What I mean is your life or reality can be better in 90 days than it is today. Even if it may be just a slight improvement.
A lot of the improvements I’ve been able to make in my own life over the last 4 years happened through executing in 90 day periods.
I like taking action in 90 day blocks. They’re just long enough that you can see and feel that you’re making improvement and progress. At the same time not too long that the process seems mundane and overwhelming.
It’s what I use for myself and everyone else I work with to help them improve.
Before I begin I want to mention the advice I’m giving is based solely on my personal experience.
So without further delay let’s get into improving your life.


13 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Life in 90 Days

What I want to do is highlight some areas you can improve in, and you can choose the one you want to work on.
Note: Focus on only improving ONE area for the next 90 days, before moving on to a next.

improve discipline

Develop Greater Discipline

I want to start off the list with discipline, simply because it’s the foundation that makes all the others work.
Greater discipline means you will be able to stick to any activity to accomplish any goal you have. It means taking action on what you said you would, when you said you would, long after the initial excitement of starting something new has passed.
How to Improve:
  1. Choose an area of your life that you’ve struggled to develop discipline in the past
  2. Identify one ridiculously small and simple action you could implement for the next 30 days (ensure it’s so easy it’s laughable to you)
  3. Make a commitment to follow through with it. Repeat to yourself each day “I am someone who is disciplined at (action) each day”
  4. Take action
  5. Celebrate that you took action
  6. Reaffirm and reinforce your new Identity of Discipline. Repeat “I truly am someone who is disciplined at (action)”
improve habit

Develop A New Habit

Everyone wants to develop a new habit for one reason or another, and for good reason.
Developing habits is our brain’s way of decreasing the mental energy it takes to do certain tasks. Also, to be able to allow us to live our lives more effectively and efficiently.
How to Improve:
  1. Choose one specific thing you want to develop a habit in (note this is not breaking a habit, which is different)
  2. Identify the emotional benefits of creating the new habit. Example if you want to develop a new habit working out, what EMOTIONAL benefits will doing it give you? Is it a feeling is confidence, self assurance? Whatever it is, it has to be emotionally connected to the habit
  3. Start ridiculously small and simple, taking as minimal action as possible for the next 30 days
  4. Celebrate yourself for taking action
  5. Visualize how amazing your life will be, and how amazing you will feel if you were able to develop this new habit
The key to developing better habits is starting with small and simple actions and building from there.
break and improve bad habit

Break A Bad Habit

Now you may ask what’s the difference between developing a new habit and breaking a bad one, isn’t it the same thing?
Not necessarily.
Breaking a bad habit is WAY harder than creating a new one. This is because displacing or removing a bad habit and replacing it with a bad one requires reconditioning your mindset, eliminating the bad behaviors you’ve established, and training your mind to associate enough pain with the bad habit that you’ll want to change.
In other words you’re removing the old and replacing it with the new habit, rather than creating it from scratch.
It’s much easier said than done.
It’s very hard, but not impossible, and it will require a longer time, greater patience  and greater commitment than forming a new habit.
How to Improve:
  1. Become explicitly clear on why you NEED to break this bad habit. Why is it a must that you do? How is it currently hurting you or those in your life why you need to change it?
This is important because if you don’t have strong enough reasons why you need to break this bad habit, then it will be easy to slip back into them.
  1. What will be the absolutely worst that will happen in your life if you continue with this bad habit
Think about how your life is now, how painful it is for you because of this bad habit. Think about how it’s holding you hostage, and keeping you from living the fulfilling life you truly want to.
Pay close attention to how you feel. Now amplify that feeling a thousand times over in your mind.
That’s what will happen if you don’t break it.
  1. Now identify the amazing life you will create for yourself by breaking this habit. How you are free from this bad habit.
Think about how great your life will be and how great you will feel knowing you’re in control, instead of allowing the habit to control you.
  1. Identify a good habit you will now replace the negative habit with. This is important because without a new habit to replace the old one, you will go back to the bad habit
Now here’s the punchline.
  1. Whenever you feel yourself wanting to do the bad habit, recall in your mind times a thousand how your life will get worse if this bad habit remains.
  2. Take action on the new habit you want to develop immediately after
  3. Celebrate yourself for not being the victim of this bad habit and for taking action on the new habit you’re trying to develop
Do this for at least 30 days.
Let me be real with you, it’s going to be very hard. The goal is not to eliminate it in 30 days or even 90 days. The goal is to decrease the frequency you do the bad habit, and increase how often you execute the good habit.
Eventually, with consistency, the good habit will replace the bad one, and take over, becoming the dominant of the two habits.
improve self confidence

Develop Self Confidence

If your goal is to develop greater self-confidence then I want you to remember one thing: Self-Confidence is developed over time through small wins or victories.
If you get absolutely nothing else, just remember that one line and you’ll do fine.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify one area of your life you want to develop greater confidence in
  2. Identify one ridiculously small and simple action you can take each day for the next 30 days
  3. Repeat to yourself “I am someone who is confident in myself and my abilities”
  4. Take your small action
  5. Celebrate yourself for taking action
  6. Reaffirm and Reinforce your new Identity of Confidence
The important thing is create small wins for yourself. These small wins are in the form of you taking action each day, and celebrating that you did.

face fear and improve courage

Face A Fear

Pay close attention to the heading for this. It says face ‘A’ fear, as in one. Don’t try to focus on all of them at once. Execute on one for 90 days, then once you feel comfortable that you’ve gotten control of that one, you can move on to another for a next 90 days.
Fears are usually triggered by a thought that something is or will be worse and painful. So what the mind does is convince us that taking action is worse and will cause greater perceived pain that not taking action and staying afraid.
How to Improve:
  1. Think about a consequence that NOT taking action would be worse than actually taking action
So let’s say you have a fear of rejection so it keeps you from taking action. Whether that action is making a sales call, asking someone you like out on a date, or taking action on a new idea you have.
  1. When you’re in the situation where you get afraid recall this worse feeling or pain that you will experience if you don’t take action
  2. Before taking action affirm to yourself “I am someone who never allows my fear to keep me from taking action”. Repeat this statement aloud until you feel a sense of calm come over you
  3. Take action
  4. Celebrate yourself for taking action and facing your fear
  5. Reaffirm and Reinforce your new strength of facing your fear. Repeat “I really am someone who never allows my fear to keep me from taking action!”
  6. Repeat this process daily for 30 days. It doesn’t have to be related to the specific fear you want to overcome, it can just be in any situation of fear you are faced with daily
The important thing is to train your mind to face your fear and act regardless of how afraid you are.
improve income

Increase Your Income

Now there are two ways you can approach this.
If you’re an entrepreneur or you’re an employee. Now if you’re an employee it’s going to be a bit more challenging, because your income may be determined by the company and not you (unless you’re in sales).
Let’s take a look at both.


If you’re an entrepreneur then it’s easier for you to increase your own income. Simply get more paying clients.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify what is your income objective within the next 90 days, and how many new paying clients will you need to get to achieve that goal
  2. Work out first 30 day, second 30 day, and final 30 day goals and objectives that leads to your end income goal
  3. Take the first 30 days and identify what activities would you need to execute on a daily basis to achieve the goal at the end of 30 days
  4. Take action
  5. At the end of the first 30 days assess what worked and what didn’t, then execute again. Continue refining until you find what works best
It’s a bit difficult to give a generic approach to this because there are factors that would be out of your control.
But your activity isn’t out of your control.
So one thing I’m doing with a client is identify 10 potential clients he wants to get as paying clients. Currently I’m working with him to do market research on these companies and individuals to see what’s the best approach for each company, and the Decision Makers in each company.
So in this instance this is our 30 day plan: Market Research.
The next 30 days will be focused on prospecting and lead generation.


Before I begin let me first say I sympathize with you on how difficult this is going to be, especially if you have to navigate corporate politics.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify what one thing you can do that will show your supervisors and boss of the increased value you can add to the company
Doesn’t matter which department you work in, there is a way. Even if it’s simply just being more pleasant and sociable at work.
As a matter of fact I had a young lady I did this with a few years ago. This was before starting 5Y2M.
She always complained how no one at her job liked her and treated her like crap. I encouraged her that instead of focusing on how badly everyone is treating you, focus on being more likable.
She did, and as a result a few months later she got a promotion. Then a few months after that she got promoted again, now with her own office and higher pay. Most importantly she’s getting along with all of her employees and boss.
Now I’m not saying you should do that, but identify some way you can add greater value and contribution to the company.
How can you help them save money, make money, be more efficient and productive, increase customer service. Whatever it is choose something that is a strength of yours that’s unique to you.
  1. Execute for 30 days consistently
  2. At the end of the 30 days go to your immediate boss and ask if there’s anything you can do to be more valuable to the company. Really what this will do is bring to the attention of your boss that a). You’ve been going above and beyond in the last 30 days, and b). That you’re taking the initiative to go above average
Even though the goal is to get an increase in income, it’s important not to think about that and focus on being exceptional at adding greater value. It’s key so that your behavior and attitude will follow along that path, and the increased income will simply be a byproduct.
Now I’m aware that there is corporate politics and bad bosses, but for now I want you to ignore all of that. Just for a moment take full and complete responsibility that this is solely up to you, and not determined by any external factors or people.
Don’t be the victim, be of value.
improve knowledge

Increase Your Knowledge

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn but have procrastinated on?
Increasing your knowledge can help you improve your life by giving you a new perspective and new ways of doing things that you probably never thought about before.
It can also help you to do your job or start a new career path you’ve always wanted to, that can make you more money, or bring greater fulfillment.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify what one area you want to be knowledgeable in
  2. Find resources online where you can learn (maybe an online course)
  3. Dedicate 1-2 hours after work to read or watch a video
This part of the process will require discipline, but also sacrifice. It will mean for the next 90 days probably giving up an extra hour or two of sleep. It could mean not watching tv or going out with friends for the next 90 days, and dedicating that time to learning.
For this reason it’s important to have an emotionally compelling reason why you want to learn. So ensure it’s something that will benefit you.
  1. Schedule when you will take time to learn. Know what time after work is best for you, whether immediately after work or when you get home.
One thing I do is I stay back at work for an hour or two each day to learn more on how to become a better writer and at SEO, since those are the things I want to focus learning more about over the next 90 days. I do this because I know once I get home that’s it.
If I do learn at home, then I get home, sleep for 2-3 hours. Then get back up and put in learning time.
It doesn’t matter when you choose. It’s whatever works best for you.
  1. Take action (and take notes)
Don’t just read and watch the videos, actually take notes and take the time to learn. Also, implement what you are learning.
The best way to learn is by doing.
  1. Celebrate yourself each day for taking action to get it done
improve skill

Develop A New Skill

This is slightly different than increasing your knowledge.
You can read a book or take a course to increase your knowledge, but it doesn’t mean you’ve developed a new skill.
A new skill is developed through repetition of a specific and deliberate action. You can do this by reading about someone’s experience (knowledge), then repeating what they did.
You could also learn through doing, making mistakes, and through the process of trial and error refine your skill over time.
How to Improve:
  1. Choose a skill you wish to become better at over the next 90 days
  2. Take a ridiculously small and simple action each day
The focus here is developing discipline and consistency, not to become an expert. Therefore, practice and patience is required.
  1. Pay attention to what seemed to work well and what didn’t, and document it
  2. Celebrate yourself for taking action
  3. Repeat this process for 30 days
At the end of the 30 days do an assessment based on your documentation. See where you messed up and where you did well.
Course correct or completely eliminate where you went wrong, and focus on where you did well and repeat that for another 30 days.
The point is a continuously effort of deliberate practice and course correcting until your skill comes natural to you.
take action and improve idea

Take Action On An Idea

Okay. I know you’ve been talking forever about that new idea you have, but for one reason or another you haven’t executed on.
Whether it’s fear, doubt, or not believing your good enough to execute…
It’s time to do so.
The goal here isn’t necessarily successfully implementing the idea, it’s just simply starting.
You probably haven’t started because of some mental barrier that’s holding you back, rather than not actually having the resources to do so. Therefore, we have to address those first.
How to Improve:
  1. Take time to identify why you haven’t gotten started. What internally and mentally have been holding you back.
Be honest with yourself. Awareness is important in helping you overcome it.
  1. Acknowledge that whatever it is has been holding you back, but you no longer choose to allow it
  2. Interrupt the negative belief that you have that’s holding you back. Say to yourself “I know I may be (whatever is holding you back), but I refuse to allow it to hold me back any longer. I am someone who never allows (whatever is holding you back) to keep me from taking action towards starting my idea”
  3. Take a ridiculously small and simple action on your idea. Nothing too big or too fancy, just do something
The focus is just to start.
  1. Celebrate yourself for taking action
  2. Reaffirm and Reinforce your new Identity of Strength. Repeat “I truly am someone who never allows (whatever is holding you back) to keep me from taking action towards starting my idea”
  3. Repeat every day for 30 days on taking action to moving one step closer to manifesting your idea
The important thing to remember here is focus on progression not perfection.
improve health

Become Healthier

I’m sure you have your reasons for becoming healthier, so you don’t need me to tell you why you should.
However, you may want me to help you get started on the process, and that I can help with.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify why it’s a must and need for you to become healthier. Not something you’d like to do, but why it’s something you have to do
  2. Identify the consequence if you don’t become healthier. Is it that you’ll potentially die sooner than you want to? Maybe you’ll never be able to fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for your life, or not see your children grow up?
Whatever it is ensure the pain of the consequence is greater than the pain of sticking with your healthy routine.
  1. Identify one ridiculously small and simple action you can execute on in the next 30 days
It could be exercise for 5 minutes, drink 8 glasses if water, walk for a mile.
Whatever you choose to do ensure it’s laughably easy, and you do it consistently.
  1. Celebrate yourself each time for taking action
  2. Repeat for 30 days
Improve productivity

Improve Your Productivity

Productivity is something we all strive for in our lives, whether or not you’re a business professional.
The important thing is knowing the difference between what makes you busy versus what makes you productive.
Being busy means you’re doing a lot but it isn’t progressing you towards your desired end goal. You can be busy and progressing, but if it’s not moving you towards the end goal you want, then you aren’t productive.
Productivity happens when you’re not only taking action and progressing, but moving closer towards a specific desired end.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify a particular goal you want to accomplish in the next 90 days (whether work related or not)
  2. Make a list of all the things you need to get done for the next 90 days (don’t think if they contribute to end goal mentioned in Number 1, just write)
  3. Sort them in 3 categories: a). Absolutely contributes to achieving end goal, b). Somewhat contributes towards end goal, and c). Doesn’t contribute at all to end goal
  4. Get rid of all the activities that doesn’t contribute to your end goal (you can reassess at the end of the 90 days, and decide if you still want to work on them at that time)
It’s important at this stage not to get emotionally attached to any activity. If you know it doesn’t contribute at all to your end goal, then get rid of it.
Remember productivity, not being busy.
  1. Take all the must-do activities and schedule those in your days first. These get your attention first before doing anything else
Each priority task gets their own schedule time. So you’re going to schedule to work on one task between 10am to 12pm for example.
Also, save an hour or two out of your day for miscellaneous. We’ll come back to those shortly.
  1. Work on your must-do’s throughout your day.
Any must-do’s that didn’t get done that day, is placed in the priority list of things to do for the next day
Note: Work on one task for no more than 2 hours per day. You don’t want to get stuck spending your entire day working on one thing and never get to your other priority tasks.
The only exception is if it’s a task that has to be completed that day because of a deadline.
Remember the goal is productivity and progress, not being busy
  1. Work on the ‘Somewhat Contributes’ tasks during your miscellaneous time
Whether you complete the ‘Somewhats’ for that day is irrelevant. You can put them in the miscellaneous time for the next day.
  1. Do this for this next 30 days
  2. At the end of the 30 days assess to see what you were able to accomplish. Also, pay attention to which tasks seemed to move you closer towards achieving your goal the most, and which didn’t
This stage is important because as you execute you’ll start to realize the tasks that you assumed were must-do’s are actually not. If they’re not then put those tasks in the necessary list (B or C).
improve personal qualities

Improve Your Personal Qualities

It’s important that as human beings we not only get better in our skills to make money, but in our skills to become better people.
Maybe you have a quality you need to work on. For me it’s people skills. I’m aware that they could be better and I’m always working on it. It’s a never ending process for me.
At the very least I can say over the years I’ve seen significant improvements in my people skills.
You should see improvements in who you are as a person too.
How to Improve:
  1. Identify a personal quality in your life you believe you need to improve on
  2. Identify a simple step you can take each day that will help you become a better person
It could be selecting someone you need to be kinder or more understanding towards and using that as your daily practice.
  1. Each day you do make a note of it and congratulate yourself for taking steps to becoming a better person
  2. Repeat the process for 30 days
improve happiness

Create Happiness and Peace

Pay close attention to the word ‘create’. Happiness is something you create in your life, not something that is conditional based on when things are perfect in your life.
How to Improve:
I want you to do something I call The Gratitude Challenge.
  1. For the next 30 days, every day when you wake up find 3 things in your life to be grateful for
  2. Everytime you start to feel your mood changing to one of sadness, depression, anxiety, or any other negative feeling, reshift your focus and recall something you can be grateful for
In other words allow the negative feelings to act as a trigger or cue to start focusing on being grateful.
Just this simple act will cause you to feel a greater sense of peace in your mind and in your life.


Why did I say Execute for 30 days and not 90?

I want you to take note of something in case you haven’t already.
Do you realize in all the steps I’ve given I mention implementing one thing for the next 30 days?
For one, you have to be able to execute for 30 days in order to get to 90 days. What I want is to help you develop the mindset and discipline to stick with it longer than 3 days.
Secondly, it’s easier for you to wrap your mind around executing for your first 30 days than for 90 days. The easier and with the least amount of effort I can make each activity seem, the more likely you’ll follow through.
Third, if you can execute for your first 30 days with consistency, it will build your belief in yourself that you can execute for 90 days.
Understand that executing for 90 days is simply executing for 30 days, refining what works, then repeating it for the remaining 60 days.



The key to this process is not to focus on being perfect in your execution, but just starting and seeing progress along the way, and improvement at the end of 90 days.
No matter how small it is.
The process of improving your life can be a daunting one. It’s easy for you to just settle for how your life is, and not even be bothered to attempt making things better for yourself and your family.
However, if you take just one of these areas to focus on, and work on it for the next 90 days, I promise you the effort will be worth it.
What’s even more you’ll gain something even more powerful…
The realization that you’re much stronger and better than you think you are. Once you realize that, then nothing becomes impossible for you.
To your improvement my friend!

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