3 Lessons You Can Learn From My Adversity

Do you often feel as though your life is a constant test of your faith, patience, strength, and perseverance? As though it’s a constant test you’re always taking, but you never know the answers to?
I feel like this at times.

Whether you know me or not you may not be able to tell, but I’ve been through many adversities. Sometimes I just wanna say to life “Hey chill! Gimme a break for a minute!”
The reason why I say you may never be able to tell is because I never allow my adversities to break me, nor do I show my battle scars. I may get frustrated, stressed, pissed, feel like I want to quit…but never allow it to break me.
What happens when disaster strikes in your life and adversity comes, how do you handle it?
It is my hope that this post will be able to help you better navigate your own adversity, while adding value to your own life.
I want to also mention that I had no intention whatsoever for this article to be this week’s blog post. I had another article scheduled, but decide to bump it out the way for this one. I believe this would be more valuable to you.
I saw my story as an excellent teaching point that I believe can help someone else reading it who may be going through their own adversity.


My Story of Adversity

I’ve been working on a project for 5Y2M that I intend to launch in the next 15 days (as this article is being published). I’m pretty much two months behind on my schedule and to be honest I’m wondering if I can pull it off.
I’m literally excited and freaking out of my mind at the same time. On one hand because it’s scary to think I may not be able to meet the deadline I’ve set for myself…because me being Mr. Perfectionist. On the other hand I’m super excited at the challenge and thrill of pulling it off. I’m fascinated to see how exactly I’m going to do it (even though at the moment I have no idea how).
I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge though.
Two Fridays ago a family member ended up in the hospital and I had to be there to stay with them. This drastically slowed down my work schedule for regular 5Y2M tasks, but also for the project. Still I found a way to make it work and pressed on.
Things were progressing well enough when suddenly my laptop screen cracked open.

Overcoming adversity

Okay…no big deal, it still works. So I pressed on.
Then the wiring in the screen started overheating and burning up.
Okay…no big deal. I just have to get a fan to cool down the wiring so it doesn’t overheat. I also wrapped it with electric tape to keep the wire from being exposed, which was causing the overheating. So I pressed on.
Next the screen became blurry with a green filter/overlay, and it was almost impossible to see the screen. Plus from a colour scheme and designing standpoint this wasn’t very helpful.
Okay…no big deal, I can design the images on the laptop, email them to myself, use my phone to review it to ensure I have the right shade of colours I needed. So I pressed on.
Then while at the hospital I decided to get some work done as per usual. The laptop was low on charge so I plugged it in to get it recharged as per usual. By the time I turned around and turned back the laptop was dead. I then realized there was no charge going to the laptop. The laptop had crashed.
Okay…this is a VERY BIG DEAL!
At first I got flustered and frustrated (saying I was pissed would be an understatement). I must admit even for a split second I thought to just give up and forget about everything. Forget about the project. Forget about 5Y2M, and just call it a day.
Then I remembered my personal mantra I choose to live by “The Greater the challenge, the Greater the reward“. I suddenly began laughing hysterically to myself in great satisfaction. This is because I recognized the fact that all these challenges were coming at me all at once, it means that the reward and payoff for my perseverance is going to be HUGE!
This is the belief I hold, and this is the belief that has served me through many an adversity. It’s a good belief to have.
Here’s the punchline for this very long story I want you to get, to help you through the adversities in your life.


3 Things to Remember When Faced With Adversity

1. You Only Fail If You Quit

In life many unexpected things will happen, things you didn’t plan for. Understand that if you have big ambitions and big goals you have to be ready to face, and even expect, big challenges and obstacles to go with those big goals.
Failure doesn’t happen because things don’t go your way or you didn’t get what you were hoping for. Failure happens when you quit. The only way to fail is to give up on your dream. You always have to have faith that things will work out for the better eventually. Even if it doesn’t seem that way right now.
Which brings me to my next point.

2. There’s Always A Way Out Of Every Adversity

No matter how bad it may seem or appear to you in the moment there’s always a way.
Another belief I’ve always held is that: 1). There’s always a way, and 2). I have the power to find it and figure it out, even if I can’t see the way right now.
Right now I have no laptop to work, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I used my phone to type this article and the ones I’m preparing for the project. I’m using my phone to type the other blog posts I have also. Then I’m using my tablet to do other things my phone can’t for 5Y2M such as schedule social media posts and do the graphic designs.

Overcoming adversity

I could have chosen to quit, but rather than doing so I chose to find a way to still push through and make it work.
Your desire to WIN has to be greater than any obstacle that can or will come your way. Even if you can’t see a way out now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one, it just means you haven’t found one yet.

3. There’s Good In Every Adversity

Finally, learn to see the good in every negative situation.
Using my story as an example. I could have focused on how much this sucks, or how frustrated I am that a few weeks before the launch of the project THIS happened (and I did for a moment because I’m human too).
However, rather than continuing to focus on the negative I chose to see the positive. I saw this as an opportunity to use my adversity as a teaching point for others. To help inspire and encourage you to work through your own trials and challenges. I chose to change the meaning of a bad situation into something good and use it to my advantage.
You can do the same, once you learn to change the meaning or perspective of each adversity in your own life.


Next Action Step

For the next action step I want you to think about an adversity or challenge in your own life right now. Next I want you to ask yourself these 3 questions based on the points given above.
1. What do I stand to lose if I quit now on what I want?
This will help you to focus on reasons why NOT to quit rather than reasons why you should.
2. What way can I find out of this situation I’m in? If I can’t find one who do I know that has been in a similar situation I can ask for help?
Only ask advice from people who have been where you are now, not those who will give you theoretical advice with no experience of your current situation.
This will help you focus on solutions rather than on your problem, which will help you feel in control to change it.
3. What good can I identify out of this situation?
This will help you find the good out of a bad situation.
Don’t say it’s impossible…try!



I hope this message helped to encourage you to push through even when you don’t want to.
Adversities may come in your life, but how you handle them determines if they break you or you break through. The beauty about this is each time you do break through it makes you Better, Wiser, Stronger, and that my friend is the best gift your adversities will give to you.


Quick Tip!

Here are three more questions I ask myself in every adversity that may be able to help you as well.
1. What am I grateful for about this situation?
2. What can I learn from this situation?
3. How can I use what I’ve learned to improve in the future?
To your success my friend!


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