7 Ways To Make Sticking With Your Fitness Goals Easier

It’s time to finally stick with those fitness goals you’ve had for the last 10 New Years Resolutions!
Sticking with your fitness goals is probably one of, if not the most difficult goal to accomplish. This is because it not only depends on your body strength, but your mental and even your emotional strength as well to make it happen.
I know for 21 years I’ve struggled to stick with my fitness goals for longer than 15 days. I would get motivated, start, and after 2 weeks found laying in the coach to be a much better use of my body, than working out.

This isn’t only the case for me, by I have found it to be true for A LOT if people, whether I work with them personally or just speaking with them in casual conversation.
By focusing more on the psychology of sticking with a fitness goals, rather than the practicality (a specific workout program or dieting plan), I’ve been able to identify a few techniques that has helped me. It has also helped others, and I’m confident will help you as well. As long as you approach it with consistency and commitment.


Why It’s Been Hard To Stick With Your Fitness Goals

Before going into how to make it easier to stick with those fitness goals you have, I want to first help you understand why it’s been difficult.
I always like to help bring awareness to the problem to help you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

1. It isn’t a priority for you

If this isn’t the number one reason why it’s been difficult for you to stick with your fitness goals, I would say it very easily falls within the top three.
I have found that when it isn’t a priority for you to exercise, to lose weight, to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, when it isn’t a must for you, then it becomes easy to compromise.
When it isn’t important for you then you don’t value it. If you don’t value it then it doesn’t become a priority for you.

2. You haven’t identified why it’s important to you

This goes hand in hand with the above point. The reason why it’s difficult is because you haven’t clearly identified why it’s important for you to stick with it.
When you don’t have a strong reason why it’s a must for you to stick with your fitness goals that excites you and drives you, then it can start to feel more like a pain to get it done.

3. There’s no consequence if you don’t follow through

Not tying a consequence to your fitness goal if you don’t follow through, means that you don’t have much at stake that will compel you.
When you don’t it’s easy to take a very casual, nonchalant approach, and with that it can make you prioritize other activities and ignore your goal.

4. You’re doing much too soon

This is a big one for me. Reason why I say that is because I’ve noticed one of the main reasons people struggle to stick with their fitness goals is because they start out super motivated, then quit shortly after.
What happens is when you try to do a lot starting out, you’ll quickly burnout or get overwhelmed by trying to maintain the intensity.

5. You’re not tracking your progress

This may not seem like a big deal, to be honest I didn’t think it was either, until I started doing it.
There’s a saying that whatever gets measured gets done. This means if you’re not tracking your progress then it’s likely you fail to get it done.

6. You’re focusing on results (or lack of it)

This is another major one most of us are guilty of. We want to start on Monday and start to see results in 6 days what took 6 years of an unhealthy lifestyle to create.
By focusing on the fact that you’re not getting results, it can be easy to feel like all your efforts are a waste of time. Then you really question the point of continuing, which affects your enthusiasm to continue.

7. You don’t have a plan

Ever heard the saying I you fail to plan you plan to fail? It’s no different when it comes to your fitness goals.
I have a gentleman that I’ve worked with to help him stick with his fitness goals. He mentioned being on other programs before, but because he was now on one with a plan tailored to him, it made it easier.
You may be finding it difficult because you don’t have a plan and strategy that even accounts for how to help you stay consistent, organized and focused. Even more so how to get back on track when you fall off.


How To Make It Easier To Stick With Your Fitness Goals

Hopefully I’ve helped a bit in helping you become more aware as to why it may have been a bit difficult for you to stick with your fitness goals.
I believe that awareness is the first step to change.
Now that we’ve covered that part let’s talk about how to make the process easier for you.

1. Set the standard of what you’re unwilling to compromise

When you set the standard of what you will and will not tolerate from yourself and commit it, in this case never missing a day to do your fitness routine, then it makes it easier to stick with it.
If you take a look at the areas of your life you are most consistent and disciplined in, it’s typically because you’ve set a standard of how to operate in that part of your life.
When you know beforehand what you commit to doing in a situation, then the mental exhaustion of making that decision isn’t an issue. You can then use that mental energy into following through on your fitness routine (whether it’s dieting or exercising).

2. Know why it’s important to you

When you know why you have to stick with your fitness goals, and why it’s important to you, then it will make it easier to follow through.
Think about the things in your life you are passionate about and love to do. Do you find it difficult to do them? Of course not. That’s because you value them.
Understand that the reason why it seems so difficult to follow through is because you aren’t linking achieving your fitness goals to pleasurable reward. That reward has to be something that you really want and that’s important for you to have to make you want to…even NEED to follow through.
It can’t simply be I want to stick with it to look good. It has to be I desperately need to stick with because I must achieve this fitness goal for me.

3. Make the Consequence for Not Following Through Painful

As human beings we are more driven by wanting to avoid pain. It’s a survival mechanism our brains use to keep us safe. Avoiding pain is the brain’s way of keeping safe
If the pain of not following through with your fitness goals are painful enough, then your brain will push you to do whatever is necessary to keep from experiencing that pain.
For example if not following through with your fitness goals means you could potential die, or it will keep you from being effective and efficient in other areas of your life, it’s likely you’ll follow through and get it done.
It has to be a case that there’s something that you’ll lose that’s important to you by not following through.

4. Start Ridiculously Small and Simple

Pay close attention to the ‘Ridiculously’. This means that you have to start off so small and simple it’s laughable.
For instance doing only 5 pushups a day may seem like a complete waste of time, but if you start at 5, at consistent, then eventually you can work your way up to 50 per day.
That’s the point!
When your brain sees the activity as being small and simple, it won’t feel overwhelmed to do it.

5. Track and measure your progress

This may seem a bit unusual when speaking about fitness goals. However, one of the things I’ve found remarkable with myself and others is when we can see our progress documented, we develop a greater desire to follow through.
This is because seeing progress helps to create feelings of pride and accomplishment in ourselves, that makes us feel good and want to stick with it. This makes the process of achieving your fitness goals easier because now it makes you feel good.

6. Focus on the routine not the result

This is a big one, a simple mind shift, but a powerful and profound mind shift that has served me and others well.
By focusing on the daily routine that will get you to your fitness goals it makes you feel as though with each day you are making progress. As mentioned above, progress makes us have a feeling of accomplishment. We don’t have to be at the goal either.
Just the thought of knowing that each day you are following through and sticking with your fitness routine, and each day of taking action brings you one step closer to achieving your fitness goal, will make the process seem less overwhelming. This means making it easier for you, thus increasing the chances you’ll stick with it.

7. Have a plan

Finally, you want to have a plan for your fitness goals. 99% of people never think about this. Yet for me it has been the number 1 contributor to making it easier for me to stick with my fitness goals.
Remember: “A goal without a plan is simply a wish”.
The reason why having a plan makes it easier for you to stick with your fitness goals is because it decreases the mental energy and effort you have to put into getting it done.
Knowing exactly what to do, when, where, how, and why, means that you wake up each day and execute. You don’t think, you just do. There is no overthinking, there is no paralysis by overanalysis.
If you truly are serious about achieving tour fitness goals, then you need a plan of action.
To help you put together a plan to make it easier for you to stick with your fitness routine you can download the free guide I’ve put together for you. It includes what needs to be included in your plan, and a worksheet to get it done.
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Achieving your fitness goals is more about understanding the psychology of how our brains work, and being able to use it to help you stick with those goals.
The best way to make it easier to stick with your fitness goals is not to push yourself starting out. It is to slowly build up slowly and steadily over time.

Let me know your thoughts below