Hi I’m Winston, born, raised and living in the beautiful island of Jamaica, home of the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt.img-20150906-wa0016
I know typically when you click on and read the ‘About’ page the first thing you’re expecting is me talking about myself, and all the wonderful amazing things I have done that you really don’t care about. To be real with you this blog isn’t About Me, it’s About Us (You & Me).
Like many of you, I’ve struggled with fears, self-doubt and lack of self-confidence, uncertainty and inconsistency, insecurities and just feeling like I wasn’t good enough to really accomplish anything or do anything meaningful with my life.
  • Fear of putting myself completely out there because I was worried about what others may say or think about me
  • Always doubting if I was good enough or smart enough to lead anyone because I had no experience doing so (even though I was always being told how much potential I have)
  • Being in sales, and yet not wanting to walk up to a complete stranger because I feared rejection and being told ‘No’
  • Fearing success because I didn’t want to be in the spotlight to be noticed out of fear I may mess up and be ridiculed for it (this one came as a surprise to me)
  • Believing in an idea with all my heart, but not having the support of those closest to me and feeling many times like giving up
  • Questioning my own worth, if I was really meant for anything more than what my life was because no matter how hard I tried nothing ever seemed to work out for me
However, I’m grateful that my hunger for more out of life, and refusal to settle, has never allowed me to quit on myself. This hunger created an insatiable curiosity, which has led me to become an obsessive student of success. I have spent years learning from the best and those who have excelled at the highest level in their craft.
Then through many experiences of errors and terrors, fears and tears, I finally figured out the strategies that helped me to break through the mental barriers that have held me back for over 10 years, and finally start to see progress in my life!
My greatest hope is that I can help you do the same, and feel The Joy of Progress and Accomplishment.


Why I started 5Y2M and what’s in it for you

My own journey of 5 Years 2 Mastery (5Y2M) started because even though I had experienced some level of success, for 2 years I felt like I had hit a brick wall and was stuck. I decided I wanted to move from where I was, and significantly improve my own quality of life at a higher level, and have my family and I enjoy a simply magnificent life within the next 5 years.
To do this I knew I would need to gain a higher level of mastery over myself and my own limitations, by working consistently on myself over a 5 year period (hence the name).img-20160524-wa0011
Initially, this would be a project I would work on for myself in private, without anyone knowing. However, in my pursuit to do so, and talking with others through casual conversation, I saw there are many people who are in the same place I was many years ago, who are held back by their own mental barriers.
The challenge was though there is a lot of information telling people that they need to overcome their fears, develop self confidence, courage, and take action, I knew from my own experience of trying to find answers that there wasn’t anyone really with a step-by-step actionable approach to doing these things.
I then realized that what I had learned through figuring out how to overcome my own mental barriers years ago could be helpful and useful to others, so I decided to share the techniques and strategies that have helped me in the hopes that it can help you as well.
I want to give others who struggle with their own mental barriers and limiting beliefs the answers to finally help them break through and overcome what’s holding them back from taking action towards their goals and dreams.
It is my belief that anyone with the right strategies and consistent implementation of those strategies can break through ANY mental barrier holding them back, and create their most Powerful Self and achieve any goal.


Who is 5Y2M for

I would say this site is for anyone who is ready to break through and make a positive change in their lives. However, if I were to be more specific I would say if you:
  • Feel stuck in your life and looking for the answers to get unstuck and move forward
  • Have an area of your life you are dissatisfied with and want to change or improve
  • Feel powerless and helpless in figuring out how to progress in life
  • Want to finally regain control of your life and direct it to your destiny, instead of feeling like life is controlling you
  • Have been held back and crippled by your Fears, Doubts, and other mental barriers and finally want to break free of them
  • Already have the information but maybe looking for a way to finally end the ‘Start and Stop’ inconsistency that is keeping you from seeing results
  • Want to no longer feel as though you aren’t good enough or confident, and finally create your most powerful, fulfilled self and life
If this is you (and more) then I can safely say you are in the right place, because I also struggled with these, but have also learned to overcome them.
I probably don’t know you or had the pleasure of meeting you just yet. However, I do know if you are on this site chances are you’re hoping maybe I can help you. I don’t claim to be an expert, guru, or thought leader. I won’t say that I know everything about everything, but I can say I know enough about enough that has helped me, and have helped others I’ve worked with break through their own limitations, and start seeing progress towards the lives they desire.


Where do we go from here


Just so you know I’m not at my ultimate goal yet, but I can say I’m progressing there, and I’m happy and grateful for that. I open my world to share with you in the hopes that I can inspire you to make changes in your life as well, so that 5 years from now we can all achieve our goals, and significantly improve our lives together. Should you decide to embark on this life changing journey with me I can guarantee two things:
  1. That the strategies I go through will be a step-by-step practical approach. I want to ensure that I not only share with you what I did, but more importantly how I did it as well
  2. That I won’t talk about anything I have no expertise or experience in. I won’t give advice on anything I haven’t personally implemented in my own life, and not just implement, but also seen consistent results with. In other words…
If I can’t share a personal story of my own experience, then I have no right teaching it.
I’m not a believer in ‘theory teaching’.
To see my journey over the last few months, daily activities and progress made in different areas of my life, you can follow me on my Instagram page where I share my world. Hopefully, I can inspire you to take action towards your own goals and dreams through my actions, and not just my words.
If you wish to get in touch with me about any questions you may have or help you may need feel free to contact me by clicking the orange button marked ‘Contact Me’ at the side of this page (you should be seeing it now).
So with that said, I appreciate you taking the time to visit and look forward to our journey together, in our quest to becoming Better, Stronger, Wiser, and create the lives we’ve always desired.
If you’re ready…Let’s Begin! Start Here.