Consistency: The Winning Ingredient to Create The Life You Desire

I write a lot about Consistency more than any other topic, and probably will more than any topic as long as this blog is up and running, and it’s for good reason. One of the things I’ve discovered in my study of Consistency is in order to change or improve in any area of your life you choose to, you have to be Consistent at taking action. To develop the best skills you have to be Consistent at it. To have a happy, passionate, fulfilling relationship you have to be Consistent at it. To be a great parent you have to be Consistent in your example to your children (not just your words). To be the best in your field you have to be Consistent at it. To develop that amazing body and healthy lifestyle you dream of you have to be Consistent at it. To master ANY area of your life you have to be Consistent at it.
Have I said that enough? In case I haven’t… you have to be Consistent at it!
That’s because I’ve realized Consistency is the foundation that helps you become your most powerful self and create the life you’ve always desired. The bridge that leads to whatever goal you have. The key that unlocks the doors to success and achievement. The path to creating your most powerful self. No matter how skilled you are, talented you are, great you are, without it everything else falls apart.

I know that there are many people who want to learn how to break through their fears, self-doubts, and limiting beliefs. Develop a new skill, and become a more empowered person. Achieve all their hearts desires, and create an amazing life for themselves and their families. However, one thing I have realized in overcoming my own limitations and helping others to do so is I can tell, teach, train, coach, and mentor how to do those things, but at the end of the day if you’re not implementing the strategies consistently enough for long enough, then it completely defeats the purpose of the process.
I always suggest and teach to people I mentor never rely on motivation to achieve their goals. Rather to develop the skill of consistency (A skill means it can be developed over time with practice).

Consistency Is The Most Important Factor To Success In Every Area of Life

1. Consistency helps you to keep going towards your goals even when you don’t feel like it

This one is pretty obvious, but worth restating what we all already know. Many people always get excited at the new thing (in other words they get ‘motivated’); the new goal, the new job, the new relationship. I call it S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome). However, once that initial excitement fades away, very few, and I mean VERY FEW, stay consistent with the process until they get to the end result they are looking for. Then there are those who see the end result of others hard work and always clap and congratulate while deep down saying “If only that were me”. In life the end is celebrated, the beginning is overrated, but the Consistent effort required to accomplish any goal is often understated.
I don’t want you to feel bad if this is you, I was like this for a very long time too. However, what I’m hoping is that you decide to learn how to become more consistent in pursuing your goals, instead of relying on motivation. The Identity of Consistency is that winning ingredient very few have that will help you keep going even when you don’t feel like it.

2. Consistency gives you the competitive edge

It’s easy to gain a competitive edge with consistency. Why do I say that? Because most people (your competitors) will only work on the days they feel like it.
When I decided to start the 5 Years 2 Mastery website I approached it as starting a business with a Million dollar investment. I did market and competitor research. I did a quick check for feasibility, sustainability, and growth over a 5 year period. I wasn’t playing around with this.
The main thing that stood out to me was the difference between those who were successful with a huge audience, full time income, and those without. Those who were successful were consistent with their posting and topic focus.
You may find many people will start out, race right by you, but like the story of the rabbit and the hare they eventually slow down or stop. If you are in a job or business the best way to hold a competitive advantage over everyone else is not to be faster or smarter, or sometimes it’s not even to work harder, many times it’s just enough to be more consistent. More consistent in showing up early or on time, and putting in the effort. As an entrepreneur, more consistent in your product or service, in your delivery of service, or in the quality your brand stands for. When everyone else slows down and stops, consistency is what will help you to win, because very few can or choose to keep going. This is especially true not only after the initial excitement has worn off, but even after the victory or success. 99% of people will be content and stop after they have success, and will lose momentum. The race is not for the swift, but for those who are CONSISTENT day in and day out…even when they don’t feel like it. That’s what will make you win against everyone else.

3. Consistency helps you learn and improve upon your talent and skills

If you do something long enough and consistently enough, soon you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t. Even a blind bird will eventually learn what direction to fly after hitting its head against the trees everyday if it’s consistent at it. Therefore, by being consistent even on a subconscious or unaware level, you’ll make enough mistakes until your brain will finally say “Okay remember when you did that the last time and it didn’t work? Well let’s do something different this time”. With enough trial and error, and consistent effort you will sharpen your skills and refine your technique to mastery, and you won’t get caught up with your emotion, even when things aren’t going how you planned

4. Consistency gives you credibility with others

One thing I have learned, especially in business, is that when people see that you are committed and consistent, and they know they can count on you to always show up and perform, it builds credibility for you. This opens doors of new opportunities for you. I’ll be the first to admit this one I struggled with for a while, which is why I have committed to dedicate my life to not just being more consistent, but to the Mastery of Consistency.
The best way to explain this is with a story. There is a gentleman that I’ve followed his blog for the last 4 years (as of this post). I love his content and 98% of the time I find value in it. However, what impresses me more is that he has been consistent with his postings for the last 6 years since he started his blog (as of this post). He grew his subscriber base to a number in 8 months that some said should have taken 2 years to do. On the other end I recently came across another blog. The gentleman followed me on Instagram so I decided to check his blog since he had topics on Habit which is of interest to me. As I scanned through I quickly realized that his numbers (shares, comments etc.) were not as impressive as the first guy I mentioned. I looked through to see why so I could learn and not make the same mistake, and right away I immediately discovered the reason…he was inconsistent and unpredictable with his posts. Not just inconsistent and unpredictable in terms of when he posted, but also in what area his content focused on. You could say it’s because they post different content or that the first guy has been doing it longer than the second, but No, I checked that too. They both started roughly the same time, posting on the same thing. They are so identical that they both even focus on Health and Wellness, and both have even read the same books…they’re practically clones.
Now I’m not knocking the second gentleman I’m just trying to help you understand the importance of consistency in building your credibility. This not only affected his credibility, but also shows the point made earlier of how being consistent easily gives you the competitive advantage, and you can’t rely on when you feel good or motivated to put in the work. If people don’t think they can count on you, they won’t take you seriously.

5. Consistency maintains passion and love in your relationships

This one I know very few people expected, but it’s one of those things that we never think about when it comes to consistency, and yet it’s one of, if not the main reason, most relationships never work out. Now I’ll be the first to say I’m no relationship expert and you don’t even need to listen to me in this area. However, I want to demonstrate how consistency is not just another cliché success teaching, but a principle applicable to any and every area of life.
As mentioned most people ALWAYS get excited and enamored or infatuated in the initial stage, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Then there is the celebration of thoughts of the end (happily married ever after). However, very few understand the importance of being consistent in a relationship (I fell into this trap too). Once you are in the relationship and familiarity sets in, then the very things you did to have that person fall in love with you in the first place you no longer do. Yet in order for the relationship to last through the inevitable challenges, and to the ‘happily ever after’ and beyond, there still has to be consistency with how you show love and appreciation to each other…EVERYDAY! Just as with your goals you don’t stop working towards them because it’s boring or you don’t feel like it. You have to do the same with your relationships, you keep consistent with your efforts, even on the days you don’t feel like it, and even on the days it’s boring (or he/she is boring).
Consistency is the bridge between where you are now, and where you want to be. If you want to accomplish any goal you have, then I HIGHLY recommended focusing more on the consistent effort it’s going to take to get you there, even more than the end result itself. Don’t get caught up with the initial hype and excitement because that fades. You will need to be mentally and emotionally tough through the challenges, and just as important CONSISTENT to get to that final end result.

Next Action Step

  1. Decide which area of your life you want to improve and be more consistent in
  2. Write down why it’s a MUST for you to remain consistent in this area
  3. Write down what are the consequences if you don’t remain consistent in this area (in other words what do you stand to lose that’s important to you)
  4. Identify what do you believe has been hindering you from being consistent in this area of your life, why, and what can you do to eliminate or minimize it (awareness helps you to change it)
  5. Identify one small and simple action step you can take each day, and be consistent at
  6.  Take some small and simple action (don’t try to force results)
Remember Consistency trumps Intensity in the long-term.
For a more detailed breakdown of how to remain more consistent read the post of the S.T.A.R.S. TechniqueTM.

Quick Tip!

Along with Consistency you also need Commitment. If you’re not committed to what you wish to be Consistent in, then too often it’s going to be easy to come up with reasons and excuses to justify why you can’t get it done today. There have been MANY times I started out with a goal or project, but soon after quit, I eventually realized that along with Consistency, Commitment to the goal was also needed. That means even before I began I made a declaration to myself that no matter what happens, or how long it took me, I was going to achieve this goal!
When I decided to take on this journey of 5 Years to Mastery the first thing I asked myself was “Is this worth it enough for you to remain committed and consistent after the excitement fades and the challenges come up?” If the answer to that question was ‘No’ then you wouldn’t be reading this post and would probably have never heard of me. So before you think about the goal you want to be consistent at to achieve said goal, first ask yourself “Am I willing to commit to it no matter what to see the final desired outcome?” Without Commitment you’ll quit, but WITH IT you’ll hold it together even through the toughest challenges.
To your success my friend!

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