If You Have Goals Don’t Set Deadlines

Here’s the thing, if you have goals in life then setting deadlines is a bad idea. Yup! You read correctly, I said it’s a bad idea. I’m disagreeing with what 99.95% of ‘experts’ say (not sure what the other .05% is).
If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you know I’m not for the hype and fluff. I’m not for the motivational rah-rah that sounds good on stage, but doesn’t work in the real world. I’m certainly not for information that makes you feel good, but doesn’t really help you to achieve the goals you have.

Just in case you’re wondering where I get off stating this claim, well I’m someone that has always believed in testing and experimenting before accepting anything as truth. What I have seen in my life and in others is that most times setting a deadline doesn’t work. It’s not that it’s not practical, it’s that mentally (and emotionally) it has a counter-productive effect for most.

Let me prove it to you using your own life as an example. You can tell me if I’m correct or not.
Have you ever had a life goal that you wanted to achieve? Maybe it was a weight loss goal, a financial goal, a marriage and commitment goal (finding that perfect man or woman). What did you do? More than likely you set a deadline on when these things HAD TO happen. Maybe not an actual date, but saying by the age of X I have to achieve Y. If it didn’t happen based on the deadline you set for yourself then it was as though life had ended isn’t it?

How Setting Deadlines Affects You Negatively

For most people the goal usually isn’t accomplished by the deadline set. This makes you feel:
  • Discouraged because you didn’t hit your goal by the time set
  • Disappointed in your self which lowers your self-esteem
  • Depressed because yet another goal you set and didn’t accomplish, and now you’re wondering “What’s wrong with me?!”
…And that’s not even the worst part.
The worst part is if you’ve failed to hit your goals in time, enough times, you get to a point where you start to make hasty and irrational decisions based on desperation and a sense of urgency, and not what’s necessarily in your best interest long-term. This is what happens when you get into relationships that are not healthy. Make business decisions, form partnerships, and make unethical business decisions. Make choices that you know is hurting you, but out of a desperate need to fill a void you stay in it anyway.

I’m not saying having a sense of urgency is a bad thing, and I’m sure many would argue this is why deadlines work. However, if it causes emotional hurt and life-long damages to you and relationships, then it may not be worth rushing.
I too use to subscribe to the view of setting deadlines to accomplish goals. However, from my own experience over the last 10 years I know this wasn’t the best approach for me. What I have found works is a strategy I came up with using the Date Of Assessment approach. It’s similar to setting a deadline, however the main difference is the slight mindshift that empowers you to continue working towards your goals, without the expectation that your goal HAS TO be achieved by a set time.

Benefits of Date Of Assessment

  • Creates Emotional Stability which minimizes feelings of frustration and overwhelm
  • Helps you to focus more on improvement and progress, rather than simply getting to the goal
  • Allows you to track and measure your daily activity, to identify what works and what doesn’t through Deliberate Practice
Understand that there is no one path or way to success and achievement, and what works for someone else (or even the masses), may not necessarily work for you. That’s why testing and validating everything you hear and read out there is so important.
If you’re someone that has tried to set deadlines and it hasn’t worked out for you then this training video is for you.
Learn the strategy I have used that has helped:
  • Be more productive and get more done in 10 months of launching 5 Years 2 Mastery than I have ever been able to in 10 years
  • Create content for all of 2017 in just 40 days, 4 months before the blog was even launched on January 1, 2017
  • Create results for a gentleman I am working with in his business after 6 months, that he struggled to do for 2 years
If you’re tired of always setting goals, missing deadlines, and not achieving them, then learn more about the Date Of Assessment strategy in the video below.
Now that you’ve gotten an idea of how it works, go ahead and enter your info below to get a more in-depth and detailed explanation of how the Date of Assessment works, and how you can apply it to your life to have it work for you.


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