Feeling Stuck and Frustrated With Your Life Goals? This May Help

We’re exactly in the middle of the new year. Six months has passed and we have six more to go.
The first question I’d love you to answer for yourself is “Where am I with my goals?
If your response to that is you’re not sure, don’t know, or don’t care anymore because it’s pointless, then this blog post is for you.
As you say those words to yourself I want you to take the time to think about how it makes you feel. Yes I know you may not want to get into feelings, but this is very important and very key in doing something about it (if you choose to that is).
My goal with this post is to help encourage you, maybe inspire you if I can.
Most importantly give you practical and actionable strategies and techniques you can implement immediately to take you from where you are right now to start seeing some progress in your life over the reminder of this year, into 2018.
These strategies and techniques will be strictly based on my own experience over the last few months of what I’ve been doing.
I’m very big on talking about only things I have experience with.
Before I get into the strategies I want to tell you about my experience over the last 18 months.
It was January 2016, and I had finally gotten to the point of saying “Winston enough is enough! You have to do something about your situation instead of wishing things were better“. I knew I wanted things to change, but at the time I just didn’t know exactly how it was going to happen and work. Still I was always optimistic and had faith somehow there was a way.
It wasn’t until towards the end of April 2016 that way was made clear to me in the form of completely turning things around, but more importantly HOW I was going to do it.
I would work on myself developing the one area I struggled with the most Consistency (hence why I talk about it so much with such confidence).
It would be my Journey 2 Mastery and I would take five years to get there. This is how the name and concept for the 5 Years 2 Mastery website came about.
At the time I still had no idea what I would do with it, but I knew I had something special.
Even though I knew I wanted things to change from January, got the idea of how I could make it happen in April, it wasn’t until June that I really took action on it because I procrastinated.
Why am I telling you all of this?
1. To let you know that I know the frustration you’re probably feeling right now about where you are in life and with your goals
2. That you probably feel like crap that yet again another year is almost finished and the goals that you have, you still haven’t done anything about them
3. To use my story as an example that even if six months has already passed in the year, there’s still time to start now and start to see progress by the end of the year
What I don’t want you to do though is beat yourself up or feel like a complete failure because you still haven’t even gotten started on those goals of yours .
Let me say again…there’s still time!
Read until the end to see how my story is unfolding. Hopefully it will encourage you.


Why You’re Feeling Stuck With Your Life Goals

Here’s what I’ve realized about feelings of being stuck with where you are in your life, it’s all in your mind.
I know it may not seem that way, hell I’m sure you can even justify why you’re stuck, I would even agree with you on most of them.
The problem with justifying where you are and the reasons is it doesn’t really help you solve the problem. It only serves to make you feel better about the situation, and take responsibility completely out of your hands.
The reason you’re feeling stuck is I can bet that you’ve had many experiences of failure in the area you’re trying to work on. Due to these failures after a while you start to question and doubt yourself if you can really make it happen.
Now you’re at the point where you no longer trust your own judgement to really find the answers that can help you. So in your mind you’ve tried everything and nothing works. You then fall into a state of learned helplessness and hopelessness.
Am I on point?
How do I know this? Because it’s what happened to me. I also realized it’s what happens with other people I speak with who feel the same way.


What To Do If You’re Feeling Stuck With Your Life Goals

Okay let’s get to the real reason you’re here, which is what to do about it.
Before getting started you have to set the standard of what you’re unwilling to settle for in your life anymore, and commit to it.
Without this standard it’s going to be all too easy to give up, settle for what you have because you think things will never change.
No matter what happens NEVER let yourself fall into this state of mind. Always have the mindset that ‘There’s always a way‘, even if you may not be able to see it right now.
What I want to share with you is what I’ve been using and shared with others in the same situation. It’s called The 6 Step Process to Achievement™.

1. Identify what you want to change and what does that change look like

First you need to know which area of your life or situation you want to change. You can’t change things for the better if you don’t know what needs to be changed.
You must also identify what that change looks like in vivid detail. This is important because you need something to focus on to work towards.
Also, you need something to hope for that’s better than how things are now to keep you going through the inevitable challenges .

2. Know why is it important for you to change your situation in this area

It’s one thing to know what you want to change, it’s another thing to know why it’s important to you to change it.
The challenge I’ve seen that keeps most people from staying consistent and disciplined with taking the necessary actions to change things in their life is that they don’t have a reason that’s strong enough.
For them changing their situation is simply a want or wish, something that they would like to see happen, but it’s not an absolute MUST. However, liking things to change isn’t enough to make the change.
To truly be dedicated to the change you have to desire the change so badly that not changing would be worse than dying.
Without this deep desire for change that’s important to you, it will be all too easy to settle into complacency with how things are.

3. Know what’s the consequence if things don’t change in this area

As human beings we are more driven by trying to avoid painful situations. Therefore, anything we see as being painful we will try to avoid at all cost.
The wonderful thing is you can use pain as a driving force to keep you on track and consistent to see the change you wish in your life.
How you do this is by making the pain of NOT changing your situation more severe than the pain of the current situation. You do this by thinking of the worst case scenario.
Think to yourself and imagine what’s the worst that could happen if things remained how they are now. What will you lose if a year from now, two years, five years, ten years from now things were to get worse. If you were to lose out on your best life. How painful would that be and how would that make you feel.
By focusing on the pain of what will happen if you don’t develop the discipline to stick with the actions necessary to change things, it will ensure that you push yourself to put in the work.
Why? Because the brain will always seek to avoid the greater of two pains. In this case the more severe or greater pain is staying stuck where you are in life. So it will do everything in it’s power to eliminate that pain.

4. List all the things preventing you now or in the past from making the change in this area

Next you need to know what’s been holding you back and why.
When I say what’s holding you back I don’t want you to list external things such as no money, or opportunity, or it’s the government, or there just isn’t someone for me. I want you to take personal ownership and decide everything that’s happening, good or bad, is your fault.
This is important because if everything bad that’s happening to you is your fault, that means everything good that will happen to you is within your power as well
Sounds cliche, but this is one rare moment when I have to agree because it’s true.
By listing all the things that are holding you back internally such as your fears, your internal limitations, your hang-ups, your doubts, your apprehensions and inhibitions, it brings a certain level of awareness to the situation.
With this new awareness you can address what’s holding you back. You can’t change something unless you’re aware it’s there.
Now I have to warn you this will be the most difficult part of the process for some. Most of us (myself included) like to think we’re better and more invincible than we really are. It’s difficult to admit you’re not as strong and powerful as you’d like to think (or even the world thinks).
In order for this part of the process to work you have to be absolutely honest with yourself no matter how painful it is.
For me laziness was one of the things holding me back on my list. This was painful for me to admit because I’ve always seen myself as a go-getter, someone driven and ‘overly ambitious’ (if there’s such a thing). Other people knew me as such also.
So for me to admit I had become lazy over the years was hard, but necessary. Stroking my ego and being in denial wasn’t going to help me. I had to be humble enough to admit that this was a challenge for me, and something I needed to address and change.
You must do the same too.

5. Pick the one from the list that you believe will have the biggest impact and work on it for the next 6 months

Now I know you may be tempted to work on all of them or most of them at once, but that won’t work and will only frustrate you into inaction.
Look at your entire list. Ask yourself “Which one challenge if I worked on it continuously for the next 12 months would make a significant impact in the area or situation I want to change?
This is where patience will be key, because once you decide what challenge you want to work on then you’re going to want to see change almost immediately.
I want to remind you that you can’t change something in a few days or weeks that it took you years to develop. So be patient, focus on simply taking small actions each day.
For me Consistent was the biggest one. I figured if I could just get control of this one thing then it could postively impact every area of my life.
After 13 months of still going strong developing consistency it’s a pretty great feeling knowing I stayed on track with it.
Don’t think about how hard the change is. Focus on the new and powerful person you’ll become once you are able to gain control over this challenge once and for all.

6. Identify what one action step you can take daily to help you progress each day

Finally, once you’ve documented everything from Steps 1-5 you want to take action. It’s pointless to go through this entire routine, just to make yourself feel good by the illusion of making change, without actually making change.
Identify one action you can take daily that will:
1). Help you to progress a little bit further each day towards turning things around in your life
2). That can help you overcome your internal challenge holding you back
Consistency was my challenge and I chose exercising as the small action to take daily actions to help me develop that consistency.
So choose an action you can take daily, most importantly ensure that the action is something ridiculously small and simple and won’t take much physical or mental effort in the beginning.
The key to getting unstuck is small and progressive actions that lead to change, not massive bursts of 10X action.



So how is this story of my life and Journey 2 Mastery unfolding?
Well after 13 months of consistent effort, I’m finally starting to see things slowly progressing for the better, and very grateful to God for that.
Just last month in June I had three separate opportunities open up to me in the space of one week…literally.
These opportunities will allow even greater doors of opportunities to open up for other projects I’m working on outside of 5 Years 2 Mastery. I’m super excited and I can’t wait to share the journey with you as everything unfolds over the next couple of months.
Plus I see how in 12 months I’ve developed more discipline and consistency in my life than I have in the last 32 years, and that’s the part that excites me the most.
It’s great to see your hard work paying off.
I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to help put some things into perspective for you.
1. I had goals in January just as you did
2. Even when the way was made clear to me I still procrastinated
3. I didn’t start taking action towards changing things and getting unstuck until June
Yet here I am a year later and finally starting to see the fruits of my hard work.
Was it easy? HELL NO I hated almost every minute of it, and thought about quitting a million times!
Was it worth? OH HELL YES!
Follow the steps outlined and make it work for you.
If you need any help or advice you can email me at winston@5y2m.com


Quick Tip

The most important part of this process is being consistent with your daily actions. Even if you’re not working to develop greater consistency, it’s still the most important piece of the puzzle.
Every time you stop the process, you have to restart, and every time you do it affects your self image and therefore your self esteem.
The most significant part is being consistent, no matter how small your steps are (I’m stressing this for a reason).
Also, don’t rely on motivation, that’s an unreliable strategy.
To your success my friend!


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