Hiding Your Sadness Through a Façade of Social Media Filters

Today’s post is going to take a significantly different turn, and it’s going to be much shorter than my usual posts.


As it stands now it’s 2pm on a Sunday afternoon as I’m typing this. I’m a bit ill with cough and cold from having taken care of my daughter when she fell ill a few days ago. So believe me when I say I’m really not in the mood or frame of mind to write this post (so much for motivation).


As I opened my laptop and was about to type out the topic I had in mind for this week’s post, suddenly, the post I’m in the process of writing now came to me. In an instant I thought to drop everything I was about to say and decided to write this instead. Why? Because I believe it’s such an important post. More than any technique, strategy, or tactic I could tell you about.


It’s about bringing awareness to a terminal disease that plagues a lot of people today. When I use the term ‘terminal disease’ it’s not for fun, it’s literally that serious because it’s slowly sucking the life out of people. There are a lot of people who are living lives of quiet desperation and sadness. They’re sad, they’re suffering, and some even borderline suicidal. Yet, looking at them through the eyes of their Instagram stories and Snapchat snaps, you would believe the complete opposite to be true.


Glamorous pictures are posted showing a glamourous lifestyle. Party pictures, ‘I live where you vacay’ hashtags, hair flicks and sexy chicks, and guys flashy fanciness. It’s basically the online Hollywood of the social media era.


Now let me firstly say nothing is wrong if this is you and what you want to do, IF it’s really how your life is. To each his own, I’m not judging. What I’m addressing is the fact that you present the façade that you’re happy and your life is amazing. Yet, deep down you’re in pain, you’re depressed, and you feel alone. That’s what I’m concerned about.


Let’s for a moment pretend like we’re cutting the BS and let’s be real with yourself. Faking it and putting on an image for the sake of fake admiration in the form of Likes and Comments isn’t going to help you turn your life around. If your life sucks, not like what you pretend to the world, but your life really sucks, then you need to become self-aware of what’s holding you back. More importantly do something about it.


In case you may not be sure if your life sucks let me help you:

  • You hate your job and even just the thought of going back to work gives you a headache
  • You’re in debt and struggle just to make ends meet every month (yet you find money for parties just for the selfie)
  • On Social Media your relationship seems to be the ultimate love story, but you still cry yourself to sleep every night (don’t be in denial with this one)
  • You post how much you have the most amazing friends, but if something should happen you know they wouldn’t be the first ones you would call for help
  • Posting pictures of beaches with your hair down, yet you know you can barely afford to pay your rent or other bills
  • You pose with bottles at the bar, yet don’t have credit to call a taxi to get home (I literally witness this the other night)


If you know this is you it’s time to cut the crap and start sorting your life out. It’s time to stop make-pretend happy, and actually create true happiness.


In 2015 when I sat down to assess where I was in my life versus where I expected I would be by now it sucked, my life sucked. I had to come to grips with that reality and I had to be honest with myself. It’s the only way to change things…honesty. No amount of posturing to present a life I knew I wasn’t on Social Media, would have changed that. I had to look in the mirror and just make a decision that no more, something had to be done. That’s how the idea for 5 Years 2 Mastery was born in 2016.


One of the major factors that has contributed to my growth and change over the last 5 years, and more so over the last year, is I always believed in being true and honest with myself about where I am in my life, even if it hurt. To be utterly and brutally real with myself about how my life is, and more importantly what I needed to do to change.


That’s why I always like to include stories in my posts, not the feel-good stories of wins, but the really brutal ones that would make me look like a complete joke by the world’s standards. Why? Because I want to show others that I practice what I preach, and this is really how life is for me. However, I still found a way to figure it out and do something about it.


Too often we allow the ridiculousness of trying to impress others, and paint ourselves to be much better off than we really are to hold us back from truly experiencing the joy we want in our lives.


I’ve worked with enough people to know that most people aren’t happy with their lives, despite how happy, motivational, or amazing they or their lives may appear to the outside world. Truth is deep down they’re all hurting in one way or another. Don’t be fooled by the image either, because this goes for both men and women.


If you’re reading this I’m literally begging you to stop digging yourself deeper into a hole by trying to impress others with a life that isn’t true. It’s becoming tiresome and heartbreaking to see, and I just want to see people live the life they really want to that brings them joy and happiness. Not being caught up with trying to impress others and looking good through filters and hashtags.


This message holds especially true for those in your 20’s and 30’s reading this, who sadly is the most delusional, and are living Instagram realities, instead of truth.


Before I go let me just lay out a few pointers to help you make the shift now from where you are, to where you want to be.

  1. Stop trying to impress others…just stop!
  2. Quit painting your life as being amazing, when deep down you know it sucks
  3. Draw a line in the sand (no matter your age there’s still time)
  4. Make a commitment to change over the next 12 months
  5. Decide what you want to change and be better in your life 12 months from now (finances, health, relationship, etc.)
  6. Assess what’s been holding you back from making that change
  7. Get rid of that thing holding you back, but if you can’t, commit to working at it for the next 3-6 months minimum to improve
  8. Figure out what action you need to make change, then take action every day on that thing consistently for the next 12 months


If you’re not sure how to do any of these things go through my blog, I post a lot of how to get all these things done. The best place to start is with The 6 Step Process to AchievementTM.


To your true happiness my friend!


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