Welcome Home!

Hi I’m Winston!


I’m excited to have you here, and look forward to our journey together.
You may ask “Is this blog for me?” Well if you:
  • Feel stuck in your life and looking for the answers to get unstuck and finally move forward
  • Held back by Fear, Self-Doubt, lack of Self Confidence, and other mental barriers, and want to learn how to break through and conquer them
  • Struggle to remain consistent in certain areas of your life and stick with your goals, and want to finally stick with and achieve them
Among other things, then Yes, I can say this blog is for you.
Unlike other Personal Development blogs and content my primary goal is to always provide step-by-step actionable strategies and techniques that can actually work to help you (based on them working for me), and not fluff that sounds good in theory or on stage, but doesn’t really help you to change.
Before we begin let me be clear this isn’t a success blog (you don’t need another one of those). This is a Break Through blog. Before you can succeed you must first break through your limiting beliefs and mental barriers that have held you back for far too long. Then once you are able to, now learn to take the necessary actions Consistently to get to your ultimate goals in any area of life you desire.
This website will help you to do so, and much more!
You can expect a new post every Sunday at 1pm Eastern Time without fail.
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If this is your first time visiting the website then I recommend to Start Here where I go through a goal setting and planning strategy.
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