Journey 2 Mastery

What is Journey 2 Mastery™

Journey 2 Mastery™ is about my journey to create the life I’ve always wanted. Highlighting the good, the bad, the loses and victories of getting there. From where I am now, to where I want to be within the next few years. was started because I had learned some very important lessons over my last five years prior to starting this website. Through several conversations with others I realized they struggled to find the answers to things in their lives I had struggled with in the past, but figured out how to overcome them. So I wanted to use the website as a way to provide practical answers to those who felt stuck and that they didn’t know how to overcome the things holding them back.
Now I’m on another 5 year journey.

Why Am I Doing This?

A guy I’m working with mentioned to me that what he liked about my blog was that I mention that I’m still on the journey myself.
So the thought came how interesting it would be to document my next 5 year journey as it unfolds. To share my experiences, and what I’m learning along the way, in the hopes that others can also learn and benefit from my experiences.
It would also serve as a road map and inspiration a few years from now to those who want to create their own life as they wish. To show them exactly how I did it, and give them hope that they can as well despite the challenges they are facing.
I want it to be relatable by having others experience my experiences as they happen. Real, raw, and true.
This is what the Journey 2 Mastery™ blog series is about.
If it can bring hope to others as they go through their own process then I’ll be truly grateful that I was able to share my experience to help someone else.
Follow my journey and read the first entry in the series The Gift of Gratitude.