Learning to Move Pass Feelings for Success (Journey 2 Mastery™ series)

I’m not the biggest fan of the notion that everyone should rely on motivation or ‘pump up’ to take action to realize their goals.
Now to be clear I have no problem with motivation, it’s good to help you start the process. However, my issue is when it is relied upon completely. If you’re really serious about achieving anything for the rest of 2017 and beyond, then you have to learn how to move beyond your feelings.
It’s a lesson that even to this day I’m still learning myself. Each and every morning I have to workout before heading to work. It helps me develop discipline and remain focused. Still, every morning I have to be pushing pass my feelings to get it done.
Recently I’ve been getting a lot of praises for my consistency and commitment with my blog posts (thanks guys I appreciate the kind gesture).
What you may not know is almost every time a new blog post is to go up I dread the process (like right now for example). This is because of the mental effort that goes into writing, editing, and publishing these posts. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the task of doing a minimum of 4 graphic images for each blog post.
There are many times I really don’t feel like it, especially when your good friend invites you out to drink Sunday when you have work Monday morning.
Now in this case I hadn’t even completed writing Monday’s post, no graphics done, and I was having a slight hangover. All indication would mean that because I didn’t feel well or felt like it, then I shouldn’t do it.
I wasn’t motivated at all.
Now it would have been easy for me to just forget it, and would be justified in doing so. It’s not like I would be punished for not doing it. However, it’s one of those moments where it was choosing between being disciplined, or letting feelings get the better of me.
Somehow I found the strength to push pass feelings.

Another Story On Pushing Pass Feelings

The other day I was speaking with a gentleman I’m coaching. We first started working on helping him be more consistent in his workout routine. Now I’m helping him with writing a few scripts for his upcoming play (can’t wait to see the finish product).
He shared with me a very interesting story that speaks to the point I’m making.
Before working with me he would have allowed his feelings to stop him from taking necessary action to get things done, and would have waited last minute. I know the feeling because it’s something I’ve struggled with myself in the past.
There was a moment in the past where he had to write a few scripts for a play he had been working on. However, because he wasn’t getting anywhere he became overwhelmed. His first thought was to give up on the play. He decided to push past his feelings and make one last attempt at it.
As a result shortly after that decision to push past how he felt, he was introduced to a young lady who brought new insights, and enthusiasm to the writing process. It was one of his best plays he had ever written he told me.
In case you’re wondering the point here’s why I share both these stories with you.
I’ve realized something special that happens when you learn to push pass your feelings. Learning to push pass the emotions of not feeling like you want to do, what you know you’re suppose to do, when you’re suppose to do it.
Every time I did, or someone else I know did, every time without fail, that’s when the miracle happened. Every time the voice came to just give up and forget about it, and I said to myself “Let’s go one more time. Let’s get it done“, something happened. Something that allowed me to move just one step closer towards achieving my goal.
When I thought about quitting on starting 5Y2M because of the challenges that came, something special happened. When I thought about giving up when my laptop crashed, a miracle happened. 2013 when I thought to give up on my business, and pushed pass my feelings, that’s when I made the biggest breakthrough and made the most money.
The moment I felt like giving up because “I just didn’t know how to make it work“, that’s when I figured out how to make it work. How to move pass the mental barriers that held me back. So much so that I can now coach others on how to help them do the same.
The miracle happens when you learn to push pass your feelings, and do it anyway.
I think this post is more a word of encouragement for you reading than it really is about my journey.
I hope this post was valuable to you, and that you develop the strength to push pass feelings, and do it anyway.

What Am I Grateful For About This Situation?

I’m grateful that every adversity that I faced and overcame helped me to learn something that can be helpful to others, and make me better, wiser, and stronger.

What Did I Learn From This Situation?

That no matter what happens there’s always a way. Even if I can’t see the way now, doesn’t mean one isn’t there.
I am also learning how every adversity for me is a lesson to be learned to be impactful in someone else’s life.

How Can I Use This In The Future To Become Better?

Look at every challenge and adversity through the eyes of a learner, not allowing my feelings to control me, but for me to control it and use it to my advantage.
Follow my journey as I document everything on my Journey 2 Mastery™ as it unfolds.
Read my last entry on doing whatever it takes to WIN.

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