Lose Weight Feel Great (Blog Series)

After months of planning I’m excited to FINALLY be able to announce the Lose Weight Feel Great blog series. I went to great lengths to try as best as I could to provide you with the most useful information to help you to finally accomplish all the fitness goals that you have.


What is Lose Weight Feel Great (LWFG)

Before I say what it is let me first say that I am NOT a fitness coach or trainer. I don’t know the most effective workouts to help ‘booty build’ or get toned abs. Nor do I know what the best diet or nutrition plan is. Nor if a gluten free diet is better than a carbohydrate free diet…I dunno. Ask Google.
Lose Weight Feel Great is not about which workout program is best or which diet plan is most effective.
It’s about helping you to develop the consistency and discipline to stick with whatever fitness goal you have, using whatever plan or program you choose. Achieving this by using psychology, and helping you understand the role it plays in your fitness journey.
In other words The Psychology of Fitness™.
Seeing the process as a journey that brings fulfillment rather than a necessary evil.
The Number 1 challenge most people have isn’t which diet or program to choose that works. It’s sticking with whichever one they choose.
My goal is to give you practical techniques and strategies that offers a step by step approach you can implement.
The strategies and techniques are ones I’ve personally used that has helped me to stick with my fitness goals. Also, they have helped others I’ve introduced them to. I’m confident that once you follow through on what I share it will work for you also.

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Why I Decided to Do the LWFG Series

It started back in Feb 2017. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to do a guest post on Inspire The Best You blog, which focuses on inspiring women (and men too) to create their best selves. The topic of the blog post was How to Finally Stick With Your Weight Loss Goals (And Feel Great Doing It).
It was a way for me to create brand awareness for the 5Y2M blog after it’s launch. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting much from it as the community is small, but I thought any awareness is better than no awareness.
To my pleasant surprise the post received way more engagement and love than I expected. Not just from shares from the blog post itself, but even in the Facebook group that the post was shared.
The interaction from group members expressing how helpful, useful and practical the information was overwhelmed me.
It was then I realized this wasn’t just a simple blog post to create brand awareness, but there was demand, even a need by others for the information.
In that moment I decided I would start planning.


What Do I Hope to Achieve with LWFG

It is my hope to provide you with practical steps that will finally help you stick with your fitness goals based on what I’ve learned through my own experience.
My aim is to help you:
  1. Gain a better understanding of why it seems so difficult to stick with your fitness goals, and how to make it easier
  2. Lessen the feelings of overwhelm and dread that comes with trying to achieve your fitness goals
  3. Help you to stick with your fitness goals, even if you’ve loss the motivation to do so
  4. Provide an actual plan to execute based on what I’ve used and what I’ve helped others with (this plan also includes a strategy to help you get back on track if you’ve fallen off
  5. Use these techniques and strategies to help you develop greater self confidence and self discipline, which will allow you to become more effective in other areas of your life (trust me it works)
I’m currently also working on an eBook that will be available for download completely free. It will be a more in depth, practical solution and step by step plan of execution.
In the meantime you can enter your name and email below and as soon as it is ready I will send you a copy. Also, you will receive the entire LWFG series to your email.

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I put everything I’ve learned over the last 12 months developing my own discipline in sticking with my fitness goals. Also, what I learned from helping others do the same, into this content.
I hope the information will be of tremendous value to you. It took me three months of research, planning, and writing to put it all together. If it can help you stick with your fitness goals, and help you feel and be more empowered, then the effort, time, and energy would have been more than worth it.


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