Overcoming The Fear Of Putting Yourself Out There

Do you have a fear? How does this fear keep you from tapping into your fullest potential and realize your dream?
Unknowingly I too had a fear, a fear of success (emphasis on the unknowingly). For years I thought I was always driven to succeed, until I realized that I was holding myself back from my own success because of this fear.
Eventually I learned how to discover and overcome this fear
In February 2017 I was blessed to speak with a Facebook group of startup entrepreneurs on how to overcome their fears. The fears that keep their businesses stuck and them from becoming their best selves. The fears that make them afraid to put their best work out into the world.
Liz of Dedicated Creatives was gracious to allow me to speak for 20 minutes to her community on how to help them overcome the fear of putting themselves out there.
For this month’s training video I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to watch the video. Learning from a few of the techniques I’ve personally used to help me overcome that fear, so you can benefit from those insights also.
In the video you’ll learn:
1. How to trigger your mind to quickly make the mental shift in seconds that allows you to go from paralyzed by fear to taking action
2. A four step process that will allow you to interrupt and replace your old disempowering belief that is creating the fear, with a more empowering one that breaks the fear causing it to lose its power to keep you from taking action
3. How this four step process will help you to develop greater confidence and courage over time
These aren’t techniques I speak about in theory, but are techniques I learned through my own experience, and was able to reverse-engineer into a practical approach, by documenting the process.
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Overcoming The Fear Of Putting Yourself Out There

Have you ever had a dream or idea but held back by fear? Learn how to break through fear to realize your potential and your dreams

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To your success my friend!


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