A Simple (Yet Powerful) Technique To Increase Success In Work and Life

Isn’t it both amazing and ironic that there is much simplicity to success? Often times we tend to look for the ‘secret’ to success. Thinking that somehow there is a huge gap between what we know and what we need to know to succeed.
However, I have realized that success isn’t that hard (it really isn’t). We all know what to do to be successful in any area of life we choose. Plus there is more information out there than ever before so lack of information isn’t the issue. I bet if I asked you what it takes to be successful you could list them all: perseverance, patience, belief in yourself (a.k.a. self-confidence), faith, taking action, self-discipline, etc. The challenge isn’t that we don’t know what to do. The challenge is that we aren’t willing to do it, or do it long enough, consistently enough, with enough patience to make it work, and be successful.

Recently I did a podcast interview because of the results I had gotten in my other business. The interviewer had asked what contributed to these results. I gave a simple response ‘Consistency’. I suppose the response I gave wasn’t enough because she kept digging deeper to uncover the ‘secret’ I was keeping to myself. However, there is and was no secret. For me inconsistency held me back, and overcoming that is what created the results I got in my business. It’s not anything sexy that you would want to hear like how I found an amazing new marketing strategy, sales technique, or connected with this amazing influencer that skyrocketed my growth. I’m going to tell you exactly what I told her. “We already know exactly what to do to be successful, we just aren’t doing what we know to do“.
Another one of those simplicities to success that will help you to become most effective in your work and life is Journaling (see, I bet you thought I was going to give you some mind blowing, sage truth). We’ve heard it many times, it’s simple, as a matter of fact too simple, and therefore it’s often overlooked. This is why success seems so evasive, because we often overlook the simple and obvious, trying to find the hidden and complex.
However, knowing what to do isn’t the same as doing it, and doing it consistently.

I’m going to present a new way of looking at journaling that will hopefully help you to see the significance of it hidden in its simplicity.
It’s not just journaling, but journaling all the things that you are doing right in life. In other words having a ‘What Am I Doing Right journal.
I first learned about the concept 5 years ago in 2012 from a mentor who is a Multimillionaire (so pretty sure it’s advice at least worth considering). He once said most people are always concerned about what they are doing wrong. How they are messing up, and focused on always fixing problems. However, his suggestion was to instead focus on what you’re doing right. He recommends getting a journal and documenting everything that you do right in your business (a concept that can also be applied to any area of your life you choose).
I started implementing this concept in 2013. It’s how I was able to generate over $100,000 in revenue in 10 months in 2014. To be honest the first 3 months of results (September to November) were by chance, almost happening by accident. I really had no clue what I was doing, I was just taking action, throwing mud on the wall hoping it sticks. However, because I had documented exactly what I had done the entire time to get the initial results, I could now go back to my journal, take what I had written, replicate it, and increase my results by a 1000% revenue growth.

To this day I still use this technique with 5 Years 2 Mastery, my workout routine, and other areas of my life because I understand the power of journaling your wins. I hope I can help you understand and start your own process for your life.

The Problem With always focusing on what you’re doing wrong

  • You begin to think nothing is working. If all you focus on is what’s going wrong, how long do you think before you start to believe it’s a waste of time to continue with your goal? Therefore, you lose your enthusiasm over time, start to focus on how it’s not working in the present, rather than how it will work in the future, get discouraged, and simply quit
  • You always try to find something to identify going wrong. There is a saying ‘Where focus goes energy flows’. Therefore, when you’re always focused on what’s going wrong, it conditions your mind to always focus on what’s going wrong. All you will ever see is what’s going wrong, and never appreciating what is going right
  • You begin to attract what you focus on. If you’re constantly focusing on the bad or the wrong, then you will attract more situations and circumstances into your life that causes you to have more things to identify as going wrong. Life will always give you what you are looking for. Look for bad, you get more bad

How journaling your wins can actually help you be more successful

  • You can recreate the win again. Once you know exactly what you did to create the result you can do it again. This is especially important because no one stays on top forever, life has seasons, so there will come a time when you will lose your edge, and will need to know how to get it back, and get back on top
  • It helps to build your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Competence creates confidence. Once you start to see how many times you are winning or pushed through, growing in your skill, and focus on those times, it will increase your confidence through a process I call Identity Stacking. This simply means once you begin having one win after another, you start to create the Identity that you are a winner, and someone of confidence. This makes you feel more empowered to take on bigger challenges, thus creating bigger results. Pretty much ‘Success creates more Success’
  • It will help you learn and improve. Now that you have figured out what exact actions, thoughts, and emotions created your desired results, you can then increase or improve on your technique, thus creating greater and more improved results faster and more efficiently the next time
  • It creates small wins which lead to big results. Once you know what to do to recreate your wins, start to build your self-confidence (which means now you’re willing to take bigger risks), and slowly begin to improve, it now puts you in a position where you start to create many small wins. These small wins compounded over time eventually leads to your major breakthrough and massive results (as it did for me)

The 3 Step Process of Journaling To Effectiveness and Success

Every time you have a victory or did something that gave you a positive desired outcome in your life, like taking action on your workout routine today, getting a new client, doing something on the job that gets you recognized, write it down in your journal or notebook.

There are 3 things you want to focus on in this exact order:

  1. What you did EXACTLY that produced the result you wanted
  2. What was the result
  3. What were you THINKING and FEELING immediately before, during and after you took action (this third step is the MOST important)

Let me explain each in greater detail.

What did you do exactly to produce the result?

This is pretty simple and straightforward, but still it is important to go into greater detail. When I say write down EXACTLY what you did, I mean exactly that. In other words, don’t just write down the actions you took, but write down the order you took the action in. Write down what you did the exact moment before taking action. Were you listening to a specific song? Write down what song it was. Did you have a conversation with a particular person that placed you in a positive state, write it down and what you were talking about. I’m going to go even deeper. What were you wearing? What EXACT piece of clothing were you wearing when you took action? Write it down. Were you wearing a particular cologne or perfume? Write it down. When you took action what were you doing during the actual act? Were you standing or sitting? HOW exactly were you standing or sitting? Was it a more relaxed, casual posture? Or was your posture more straight up, and more in a Superman or Wonder Woman pose? Write it down. Did you notice anything you did with your hands and feet during the actual action? Write it down.
All this may seem just about downright ridiculous (and in many cases I can agree it is), however there is a reason behind the madness. The reason writing down all of this is so important is because it allows you to recreate the EXACT physiological state you were in at the moment of taking action. This is important as this then influences your mental and emotional states, which affects your exact behaviours and responses in accordance to your actions.
To make the connection easier to understand think about a particular shirt, hat, blouse, pants, whatever it is you own. Do you notice whenever you have on this exact piece of clothing you seem to feel more confidence and sure about yourself? This isn’t by chance. It’s because this piece of clothing triggers a specific psychological, physiological, and emotional response within you that creates this feeling of confidence and certainty.

What was the result?

This one is also pretty straightforward, and with less seeming madness. It is as it states, what was the result? Write down what happened. Write down I did X and I got the client or the sale. I did Y and I finally took action and got in the gym.
You want to be as detailed as possible with what the results were, because visualizing these exact results in future are necessary as they also influence your emotional state, which affects your behaviour

What were you thinking and feeling before, during, and after you took action?

Now we get to the final, and most important step. Most would think the exact actions taken would be the most important step, but it isn’t, and I’ll explain why after I go through this step.
Finally, you want to document what were you thinking and feeling, before, during and after. Let’s look at each one in this final step so you get a better understanding of each.
  1. What were you thinking and feeling before? Try to remember what were your exact thoughts before you took action. What were you focused on? If you’re doing this for your relationship were you thinking how amazing your mate is? If it’s for your business were you thinking how confident you are that you’re going to win this client? Write it down. Most importantly what were your thoughts to yourself? Were you thinking how amazing you are? How skilled you are at what you do? Write it down. Next pay attention to what you were feeling. Were you feeling excited, energized, driven, aggressive (someone actually told me they were feeling this once). Whatever you were feeling write it down. Even more if you can pinpoint what triggered these exact feelings that’s even more important and impressive on your part
  2. What were you thinking and feeling during? What were you thinking during actually taking action? Was there a feeling of fear and doubt that switched to confidence? Did you notice the thoughts that triggered this fear, and also the thoughts that allowed you to overcome it? Write it down. What were you thinking during as well? Were you thinking “If I say this then they may respond positively”, then you did and they responded how you wanted? Write it down.
  3. What were you thinking and feeling after? Pay especially close attention to this last part. Reason being is when you focus your thoughts on how well you did, that you went out, took action and got the results you wanted, then it feeds into your self-esteem and increases your confidence. You feel empowered, you feel great, and therefore you’re going to want to do it again to get those same feelings
Now that I’ve given you an idea of some questions to ask to help you document the process let me now explain why the third step of documenting what you are thinking and feeling is the most important. This is because you can take the exact actions you did before, and still not produce the desired outcome. If you’re thinking ‘It won’t work’, or your thoughts are in a negative place, plus feeling emotions such as frustration, discouragement, fear, anxiety, and other disempowering emotions in the moment of taking action, then that’s what you’ll project, that’s what you’ll attract, and that’s what you’ll create. Even if you’re taking the right actions, with the wrong thoughts and emotions, it won’t work.
However, once you know the exact empowering thoughts and emotions that led to you breaking through and taking action, and not just taking action but triggering the exact physiology, then you can simply recreate those thoughts and emotions in the future. This creates the right empowering physiological state to get the same desired result. The key is the thought and emotion, that’s what creates the desired end result, the action is simply the bridge you use to get there.
It’s important to note that there’s no guarantee that you will get the same outcome EVERY time. The process outlined simply increases your chances, and makes it more in your favour for you to get the desired outcome. In other words using this process means it’s more likely you’ll attract what you want, rather than what you don’t want.


So to wrap up remember what you want to focus on when documenting what you are doing right is the action you took, the desired outcome gotten, and most importantly what thoughts and emotions did you experience before, during and after. This will help you to build your confidence, improve your approach, and increase your chances of creating more phenomenal results.

Next Action Step

  1. Buy a journal (I don’t care if you even want to get a notebook, just don’t document it electronically)
  2. Take a small and simple action in any area of your life you want to improve (The 6 Step Process to Achievement will help you figure that out)
  3. Write down in your journal the date of said action, what the action was, the desire outcome you got, what were you thinking and feeling before, during, and after taking action
  4. Commit to sticking with it for at least the next 30 days (have your journal with you at all times)

Quick Tip!

Just as it is important to never miss a day performing your routine/activity, it is also important never missing a moment writing in your journal. The best time to do so is immediately after taking action, while the experience is still fresh in your mind and you can document exactly and clearly about what worked for you.
To your success my friend!

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