How To Sustain Motivation & Stick With Your Goals

Before I begin let me first say that Motivation is overrated. I know you’re not expecting me to say that with a headline like How to Sustain Motivation & Stick With Your Goals. I need to put that in because I don’t want you to get caught up in the hype and fluff that is constantly being preached that being motivated is the key to accomplishing your goals.
I’m not completely against motivation. The problem is most people try to use motivation as the primary driving force to stick with and achieve their goals and that never works. I know because I used to be that person too, so I’m not beating up on you.

What I’m trying to help you understand is that relying ONLY on motivation is a very bad and unreliable strategy if you wish to accomplish anything. Simply because most days you won’t feel motivated to do anything. Those who win big learn how to push through and get it done anyway. My biggest results in business and life came when I stopped relying on motivation and started relying on consistency (which is why I stress it so much). That’s what my goal continues to be. To show you how to use strategies and techniques to take consistent action, stick with and achieve your goals, even when you don’t feel motivated to do it.

Though I believe that you definitely need more than motivation to achieve your goals, motivation still has its place. That’s what this post is about, showing you how to use motivation, but not be a slave to it. It’s a great source to help you get started on your goals and dreams. However, to stick with the activity necessary long enough after motivation fades you need something else.
There are several techniques you can use to help you stay in action, but one of my personal favourites is Celebrating and Congratulating yourself. This is because:
  1. It helps to build your self-esteem by making you feel pretty damn good about yourself
  2. Creates a desire within you to go out and take action each day
  3. Helps to build your belief that you have the power to take control of your life
Now it’s very easy to think that Celebrating and Congratulating yourself is the same thing as being motivated, because both is based on how you feel. However, the significant difference is Motivation is based on how you feel before you take action. Celebrating and Congratulating yourself is based on how you feel after you take action.
In this month’s training video I share how you can use Celebrating and Congratulating yourself to sustain the motivation necessary to keep you taking action. More importantly, how you can use C&C  to help you:
  1. Develop greater self-confidence in yourself by creating ‘Small Wins’ (and celebrating those wins)
  2. Move from a feeling of powerlessness to power, and create a new empowering Identity
  3. Recreate the energy and motivation every day that allows you to stick with your goals long enough until you experience a breakthrough and create MASSIVE RESULTS
I call it the Empowered Progression CycleTM (E.P.C.) technique. View the video below for a brief idea of how E.P.C. helps to recreate the energy and drive necessary each day to stick with and achieve your goals.
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