Now Is The Time To Take Action!

Now that we’ve gone through Steps 1-5 of The 6 Step Process to Achievement, let’s get into the final video…Step 6.
In this video I discuss:
  • Setting the Standard and Expectation for yourself (and the importance of doing so)
  • Setting your schedule to take action
  • Tracking and measuring your progress for success


I mentioned about the Track & Measure Sheet. Download  by entering your info below.
Next week we get to the part which I enjoy the most, and shine the best…Writing! (I know…I’m more excited about this than you are)
I’ll talk about why starting out taking massive action towards your goals as success experts say is the worst thing you can do (especially when it comes to sticking with your goals). How it hurts you more than helps you, and what to do instead that has worked tremendously well for me and others I’ve worked with. Not only take action, but maintain steady action towards a desirable outcome.
Can’t wait to have you back here next week!
Until then if you haven’t done so as yet you can take the time to go back through the 6 Steps starting with Step 1 (the second video in the post). This will ensure that the information moving forward will not only make more sense, but be more useful and helpful if you have a plan of execution to apply the strategies to.
To our success my friends!

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