The S.T.A.R.S. Technique: A Step-by-Step Actionable Approach To Help You Stick With Your Goals

Raise your hand if this is you…
You set a new years resolution or a new goal, swearing to yourself that this year you’re definitely going to stick with it no matter what. You start off charging like crazy towards your goal. Within a few days you already see yourself finding it difficult to stick with it and be consistent.
Does this sound like you? Because this was me for a VERY long time.
However, through my own commitment last year to finally master consistency in my own life I came across a technique. I wish I could say that by some stroke of brilliance I figured it out, but really it was just by chance.

After being consistent in my workout routine for 30 full days straight my incredibly curious mind that’s always trying to figure things out wanted to know how I was able to pull it off. How was I able to be consistent in an area of my life for 30 days straight that I struggled with for 31 years just to stick with for 15 days? How could this be possible? More importantly how could I duplicate it?

Here’s the thing, I document EVERYTHING (a practice I will talk about in a later blog post). So I went back through, looking at my Track & Measure sheet and my Consistency notebook, desperately wanting to find the answer to this burning question. I came up with a hypothesis and decided to test it in my spiritual life…it failed! Still I pressed on and later figured it out. Shared it with others, saw that it worked for them, and that it could work for anyone.
Now I want it to work for you!
In the last post I spoke about why taking massive action hurts you in sticking with your goals. This week I go through and break down the step by step approach that I’ve used to go from being completely inconsistent in my workout routine and business, to sticking with it long after motivation has passed.
My hope is that I can help you:
  • Finally stick with your goals this year
  • No longer require or need motivation or willpower to achieve them
  • Develop that positive habit you’ve been working so hard to develop for so long

Watch the video below how I have used what I call The S.T.A.R.S. Technique™ to accomplish all of the above, and have helped others do the same.
Yeah I know, I was way too excited in that video.
Okay! Now that you’ve gotten a taste, you can view the full in depth training video where I go through:
  • Each stage of the technique and their significance
  • How it works to help you stick with your goals
  • How everything flows together
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To your success my friend!

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