The Gift of Gratitude (Journey 2 Mastery™ series)

Here’s one thing I know without the shadow of a doubt: No matter how positive and optimistic you are everyone has days when they get stressed, frustrated, experience anxiety, and a whole bunch of other disempowering emotions.
This happened a lot with me over the last few weeks. It’s that feeling like everything that you’re doing, all the effort, time invested, is a complete waste of time. It’s that feeling of one step forward, ten steps backwards.
It’s a feeling that sends you into a spiral of overwhelming emotions. A feeling of numbness that’s indescribable. As life passes you by, you fail to realize anything real anymore.
I started realizing that because I was so focused on everything I wanted to do but couldn’t. The level that I really want to push 5Y2M, but lack the resources or personnel currently to do so.
Logically I know all it takes is patience and consistency in action. Logically I know all this is a part of the process. I know that your focus determines your emotions.
Still I could feel the cynicism starting to slowly take root. Even when I tried to be positive, the truth of the situation would slap me back to reality.
I decided to listen to a personal development audio by someone very successful who I admire a lot.
I remember back in the day of building my other business when I felt frustrated, and like things weren’t working out no matter how hard I tried listening to his audios always helped.
While listening one thing stood out to me more than anything else, Gratitude is the seed for multiplication. Whatever you’re grateful for you multiply.
It allowed me to take a step back and put things into perspective.
I remembered a few months ago I decided to do a Gratitude Challenge. The point of the challenge was each day I needed to find at least three things to be grateful for, and verbally express that gratitude.
It didn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant it was, I would express my gratitude. Something most of us take for granted such as having a place to live. As simple as being grateful for the wifi that I have. Even just being grateful for the sun shining its divine light and warmth in my face, I would be grateful for, instead of complaining how hot it was.
This challenge allowed me to reshift my focus on things that were good that I could be thankful for, rather than focusing on everything bad that wasn’t going my way. It created empowering emotions that helped to remove the feelings of anxiety and frustration I felt.
I highly recommend you try it.
I decided that I would focus on gratitude again, just so I could shift my focus.
I did it and immediately I felt better…but that wasn’t the amazing part.
The amazing part was as soon as I did things started to happen, good things. Not just feel good feelings, but tangible things I could point to.
I got an email for an opportunity I’ve been hoping for months now. Then later that same day a call I made led to another opportunity opening up. After that another opportunity opened.
All this within the space of a few hours in one day, one moment, all from expressing gratitude rather than cynicism.
In that moment I truly understood the power, the miracle, the gift of being grateful in every moment no matter what’s happening.
Let this post be a source of encouragement for you to be grateful no matter what is happening. I know it’s easier said than done, believe me…I KNOW!
Try the 30 day Gratitude Challenge for yourself, just to see if it will make any difference for you
I already know it will.

What Am I Grateful For About This Situation?

That I was able to take a step back and put things into perspective. That I didn’t allow my situation to rob me of the vision that I have for my life that I am pursuing and will achieve.

What Did I Learn From This Situation?

It wasn’t so much what I learned, but it was more a reminder to me that my focus determines my emotions. That I should focus on being grateful for what is in front of me in the moment, and once I do that then everything else good will flow.

How Can I Use This In The Future To Become Better?

I will use this as a reference point that whenever the feelings of frustration come to focus on being grateful. To make an intentionally effort to always focus on the things I could be grateful for, rather than what’s not going my way.
Follow my journey as I document everything on my Journey 2 Mastery™ as it unfolds over the remaining years, of my 5 year journey.


Thanks for reading!

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