Why Taking Massive Action Is The Worst Idea For Sticking With And Achieving Your Goals

Whenever you hear “success gurus” speak you often hear that the best way to achieve your goals is to take action towards them, but not just any old action but MASSIVE ACTION (10X the hell out of it!).
If you’re super ambitious and driven to go 10X all day every day, by all means go for it, but then this post isn’t for you. This post is for the guy (or gal) who’s just starting out and is okay just being able to stick with their goals and make progress right now.
Though the massive action concept has its place, here’s the problem: if you’re not used to taking massive action, you can’t start off with massive action.
Let me explain.
 It’s like if you’re overweight. You’ve been overweight all your life, but not only that but you’ve never exercised a day in your life. Then one day you decided that you want to lose weight, get in shape, and start living a healthier lifestyle. Here I come along (Mr. Success Guru) and say “Hey if you want to lose weight and get in shape, take massive action and go run a 10K marathon starting tomorrow, and do that every day for the next 7 days”. It sounds logical in theory, because the more you do in less time, then the faster results you’ll get right? However, the problem is it’s very likely that by the end of the first day you’ll probably drop down and die…literally! Why? Because your mind and body aren’t conditioned to undergo that level of stress and strain on it yet. It’s not designed to go from 0 to a million overnight. Yet this is what success gurus and motivational speakers preach and teach.
Understand that there’s a difference between what sounds good on stage, and what actually works.

If you start off taking massive action:

  1. You’ll get overwhelmed quickly and burnout
  2. You’ll continue to remain inconsistent because your brain and body will tell you “This is just too much for me to manage, let’s just stop
  3. It will destroy your self-esteem as you keep trying and failing at your goal
Luckily I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

To Achieve Your Goals Work Your Way INTO Massive Action

The best way to take massive action is to slowly work your way into it. What do I mean by that? Well let me tell you a story to explain my point. It was September 2013, and I had finally gotten to the point where I was fed up with always being inconsistent and never sticking with my activities long enough in my business to achieve any goal. To be honest, I had struggled with inconsistent my entire life up to that point, especially with working out. I could never remain consistent in anything whatsoever…but I said “No More!” I went online desperately searching for information, and fortunately came across an article by a gentleman named James Clear (go look him up  www.jamesclear.com ). He broke down the science of consistency in a way I had never seen or heard before. I took his strategies, implemented them into my business, and worked consistently at it for 3 months.
I started out presenting to 2 people per day, that’s it, no more than 2. Then each week I would increase the number by +1 (so from 2 to 2+1=3; then 3+1=4 etc.). I eventually got to the point I was presenting to close to 20 people PER DAY! Within 6 months my business moved from over $6,000 in sales per month to over $40,000, and then 4 months after that to over $130,000 per month, something I’ve never been able to do in 3 years! All from taking small simple actions and remaining consistent.
September 2013 Revenue

March 2014 Revenue

July 2014 Revenue

Now did I do it all in one go…No. If you look on my progress it took a time span of almost a year to accomplish that level of growth. It wasn’t a quick burst sprint, it was a slow and patient marathon.
This is an approach that has not only worked in my business, but also in my workout lifestyle and my spiritual life. It has even been working for a gentleman I’ve been coaching over the last 90 days to help him develop consistency, and turn that into a habit and results in his business.

Above image shows my Track & Measure Sheet for my workout routine. First 30 days of being consistent with my workout routine, something I’ve never been able to do before in 31 years!
Pretty much it can work for any area of life you choose (not only business).

So to work your way into massive action to achieve any goal here’s what you have to do instead:

  1. Start small and simple (S&S). Don’t do massive action, actually do the opposite, make the activity so small, simple, and easy it would be ridiculous for you not to do it and stick with it
  2. Remain consistent. Do this small activity every day for 30 days minimum that it becomes a part of your daily routine that you just do (the goal at this stage is developing consistency, NOT getting results)
  3. Increase by small, manageable amounts. Have a set time when you execute one activity (for example for 1 week or 1 month), then increase the activity by a small number each time. So using exercising as an example, if you start working out 4 days per week for 10 minutes, the following week increase it to 15 minutes, or you could start off 3 days per week for 15 minutes, then increase it to 4 days after the first month; the goal is gradual progress
  4. Repeat. Continuously repeat the process of starting (or in this case continuing) where you are and slowly increase in small, manageable amounts
Once you are able to do this you will begin to realize how much easier it is to stick with your goals, and eventually get into massive action. More importantly, achieve your goals in a way that helps you to remain consistent, and doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out, or frustrated.
So to wrap everything up the best way to take massive action is NOT to start with massive action, but move INTO massive action. Start small, stay consistent, increase your numbers, and eventually you’ll get to the point where to the outside world you’re in massive action mode and appear to be super human…
But for you, it’s just another day at the beach.

Next Action Step

Now that you have the strategies it’s time to implement them. So what do you do next?
  1. If you haven’t done so already go through The 6 Step Process and do the exercises outlined in each video (Step 6 focuses on that one small simple action that you can do that I mentioned above so you will need to identify that depending on which area of your life you want to improve this year)
  2. Once you’ve identified what one step can you do every day to progress towards that goal…Start taking action with that VERY small, simple, and easy step
  3. Download the Track & Measure Sheet to document your daily activity to help you stick to it
  4. Learn the S.T.A.R.S. Technique™ where I go through the exact technique I used to stay consistent in several areas of my own life (and have helped others to do the same)

Quick Tip!

Once you start the process the temptation will come to go all out in your first week or two. A little voice is going to say “This is silly, you can do more than this! This is nothing! This is easy! Let’s go all out!” That’s going to be motivation speaking…DON’T LISTEN TO MOTIVATION!!! Your motivation (or at least the hyped up definition of motivation anyway) in the beginning is the initial excitement of starting something new. I call this S.O.S. or Shiny Object Syndrome. However, THIS type of motivation is the reason it’s been difficult for you to be consistent with your activities in the first place. Why? Simply because it gets you pumped up and excited for the first day or two, or first week or two, then by day/week 3 you’re already burnt out, can’t maintain your momentum or consistency, then your mind starts looking for the exit to perform a ‘Houdini escape’ to move on to the next new and exciting thing (S.O.S.).

Quick side note!

I want to help you have the best year ever in any area of your life you choose by helping you to finally stick with your goals this year. I’m sure you have those New Years Resolutions pushed aside somewhere. What I want you to do is take them out, brush them off, and let’s get to work on them. Next week I will be launching the Best Year Ever (B.Y.E.) 30 Day Challenge for all those who want to start the process of turning things around this year. I will be helping you to not only take action, but more importantly stick with your action by conditioning your mind for consistency, and achieve your goals this year. To prepare for the challenge I recommend going back through the series of videos I posted earlier this month on The 6 Step Process to Achievement, and implement the exercises laid out (I’m stressing on this for a reason). Then come back next week and let’s kick butt and achieve goals. Let’s make this year the last time you say “No More! I’m getting it done this year!
To your success my friend!

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