The Secret To Being More Consistent, Developing Better Habits, & Sticking With Your Goals

Have you ever tried being consistent in more than one area of your life and failed at it miserably?
I have!
I remember when I first decided and started the process of finally taking control to become more consistent in every area of my life. There were 3 areas I wanted to be more consistent in (Spiritual, Physical, and Mental). I called it my S.P.M. System (it sounded more serious when I put a name to it). I developed the S.P.M. System because I knew if I could be consistent in these three areas, I would grow and ultimately achieve the business goals I had (“Income seldom exceeds personal development”- Jim Rohn). I attempted doing all three at once…Boy was that ever a bad idea! *facepalm*

Trying to be consistent in more than one area at a time is not the best thing if you want to develop consistency and better habits in your life. Reason being:
  1. It’s almost impossible for the brain to focus on more than one thing at once. Developing habits in our lives isn’t by chance, it’s for a purpose. The main reason our brains create habits is to lessen the mental effort it takes to process and implement several actions at once (such as breathing and walking while talking). Hence unless it’s already a habit it takes conscious and intentional focus and effort to process and implement a particular action. So when you try to be consistent in too many areas at once, without developing the habit first, you will be more consistent in one area than the others. Even worse you may be inconsistent in all areas, which then defeats the purpose of trying to be more consistent and develop better habits in your life
  2. Our brains somehow tend to focus on failures rather than successes. I remember there was a young lady I was mentoring that generated profits in her business within the first month. However, because she couldn’t find anyone to partner with, she considered the business a failure and gave up on it. In her mind one failure superseded all the other success she had because of her focus.
In the case of consistency even if you may be consistent in one particular area, if you are inconsistent in another, your brain is going to focus more on the area you are inconsistent in rather than the area you’re actually doing pretty well in. Therefore, it will affect your self-image and you may start to believe that you are just an inconsistent person, creating that Identity
  1. When you’re inconsistent in one area it tends to filter over into other areas. One of the things I’ve noticed in the beginning when I was working on consistency in my life is whenever I missed a day or was inconsistent with my workout it automatically filtered into the other two areas, and the temptation now came to be inconsistent in those areas as well. Pretty much inconsistency in one area created a domino effect of inconsistency in other areas of my life.

To be more consistent start with ONLY one area first

The best way to be more consistent in every area of your life is to start by becoming completely consistent in one area first.

When I tried to be consistent in all 3 at once, I would be 100% consistent in my workout routine, but the other 2 always suffered, especially the Mental. Then eventually the mental burden of trying to keep up with this juggling act lead to my workout routine suffering. Slowing down and focusing only on my workout routine allowed me to learn what caused me to be more consistent in that area, and apply it to the other 2 areas.
I was now able to take the same approach to develop consistency in other areas, but first I had to figure out how to be consistent in one area. I highly recommend you do the same.
Just as how focusing on being consistent in more than one area can work against you, the opposite is also true for focusing on one area at a time is how it can work for you.
  1. It gives focus, clarity, and helps you improve consistency. When you focus only on one thing, all your energy and efforts go into that one thing. It becomes easy to identify areas that you can improve upon, figuring out what works best for you and what doesn’t in helping you become more consistent in that area. This is because now there is less clutter and confusion that comes with focusing on too many things at once. It was because I focused only on developing consistency with my workout routine first, how I discovered consistency is more about your psychology (mind) and physiology (body) than practicality (the actual act of doing it). Also, how I was able to identify what were the driving forces mentally and emotionally behind consistency, which not only has helped me, but why I can also share that knowledge to help you
  2. It improves your self-image and esteem which increases your confidence. When you prove that you can be consistent in one area of your life it improves your self-image. Now your mind sees that you did it, and so it now increases your confidence and belief that if you could be consistent in this area, then more than likely you can be consistent in other areas. Small wins create belief, and belief builds confidence in yourself, which then leads you to want to take on bigger challenges and other areas of consistency in your life
  3. When you’re consistent in one area it tends to filter over into other areas. As mentioned above just as if you are inconsistent in one area it affects other areas, the same is true of consistency. When you are consistent in one area of your life it tends to filter into other areas, and it becomes easier to be consistent in other areas. In his book The Power of Habit the author Charles Duhigg called this Keystone Habits, where developing a habit in one area influences the formation of a habit in another area
If you have a desire to be consistent in a particular area of your life, then I recommend developing what I call the Identity of Consistency. Pretty much develop the identity of someone who never misses a day to take action in that specific area of your life. By first proving it to yourself with small wins, you will eventually start to see yourself as the new you, who develops the discipline, and now feel empowered to take control in that area of your life.
Once you do that then this new Identity will automatically create the behaviours of someone who is consistent because your Identity (who you believe you are and capable of doing) creates your behaviour.


Remember focus only on developing COMPLETE consistency in one area of your life before trying to move on to another. It doesn’t have to become a habit yet, just consistent. Consistency in one area automatically influences consistency in another. Finally, develop the Identity of Consistency that will help to make the development of consistency in your life more automatic and with less mental strain or effort. With this you will find that you are more consistent and therefore increases your chances to achieve your goals. In order to develop this identity you can use the S.T.A.R.S. TechniqueTM, which I did a video on.

Next Action Step

  • Choose one area you have the greatest desire to be consistent in and write it down. Reason being this will be the area it will be easiest to remain consistent in, thus making it easier to create the domino effect to be consistent in other less desirable areas
  • Develop and document a plan for consistency and work on being consistent in that area. Planning beforehand will increase your chances for success in remaining consistent. Things to include in your plan are (1). What Trigger you will use to get you into action, (2). Moment of the day to take action, and (3). The Reward you will give yourself for taking action. There are other factors but these are the most important (again watch the training video on the S.T.A.R.S. Technique™ to help with this)
  • Figure out what works best for you to be consistent in that area, document it, and focus on it, then take what you’ve learned and apply it to another area. This is important as if you try to juggle too many things at once it will fall apart. However, focusing on becoming good in one ensures you can easily replicate what works more easily in other areas

Quick Tip!

To make being more consistent in a particular area much easier it helps A LOT to have an emotionally compelling reason. This means WHY it is important for you to remain consistent in this area. Be sure it’s something that stirs your heart and soul, causing you to move into action. If you don’t you won’t think the effort and initial strain of having to push through is worth it, and you’ll quit. However, if you do have an emotionally compelling reason even on days when you don’t feel like it, you’ll still push to get it done. Simply because you have a strong reason why it has to get done.
To your success my friend!

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