How To Use Life’s Pain To Drive You, Not Paralyze You

I was having a conversation with a very good friend of mine. She mentioned how her intimate relationships weren’t how she wanted or expected them to be. She was about to turn 34, hadn’t felt loved in a relationship, and felt behind in other areas of her life such as her career. I could really feel her pain. Even more I could empathize with a lot of what she was going through as I had also felt that way in the past. My advice to her was simple…
“Use the pain you’re feeling now in this area of your life as a driving force to achieve the goals you have in other areas of your life.”
Have you felt this way in the past? Do you feel as though life is constantly dealing you a bad hand, and no matter how hard you try it’s like one step forward 10 steps back? The truth is pain in life is unavoidable. It may be the pain of not finding someone who truly cares for you, or having to experience heartbreak after heartbreak in relationships. It could be that you had a job and were suddenly fired. It could be an unexpected death in your family that completely tears you apart. Maybe it’s a business idea you had that you thought would make you a success but it complete failed. Even worse if you thought those closest to you would support your new path, but they end up being your biggest critics
We’ve all had a point in life where the vision that we had for where we thought our lives would be by a certain age doesn’t match the current state of our reality. I’ve experienced more pain than I would care to experience ever again. Let’s just agree…Life is painful.
However, just because we will experience pain in our lives, it doesn’t mean that we should allow that pain to cripple us and keep us stuck, feeling depressed, hopeless, and helpless. Though I experience pains in my life I don’t wish to experience again, I can appreciate the mental and emotional toughness they have allowed me to develop over the years. Every time I experienced pain, and I pushed through, I became a stronger, wiser, better version of myself, and to this day I am still in the process of becoming better everyday.
I consider these pains to be some of the greatest gifts life has given me for two reasons:
  1. It allowed me to learn how to turn life’s pain into power, and use it to push me harder towards achieving my goals
  2. It has allowed me to be able to teach it to you so you can do the same
In this month’s 5Y2M Break Through training video series I go through how I use life’s pain as a driving force (and how you can too).
  1. Get unstuck, move with power and start to create the life you desire
  2. Overcome any mental barrier holding you back from taking action such as fear
  3. Tap into the emotional intensity to create your most powerful self and achieve any goal you have
How I do this is by teaching you a technique I call the Pain Pressure Release (P.P.R.) Technique™ . Every time I have experienced a painful situation in my life I used it to push me forward. With this you will learn how to use life’s pain to push you towards creating the life you desire, rather than paralyzing you and keep you stuck.
Watch the intro video below.
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Learn how to overcome pain and use it to create power

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