Whatever It Takes To WIN! (Journey 2 Mastery™ series)

What does it take to win?
Some may say perseverance, hard work, determination, talent, luck. Whatever the answer is that you may give I believe it really comes down to one thing…
The obsession to win.
It’s more than just a want or wish or need to win. It’s an unwavering, no alternative, no way out, no plan B, all or nothing undeniable encompassing force to make it happen. In other words winning becomes a MUST, not an option.
If you’ve been following my journey you know recently I got a job as a Content Marketer that I’m really loving. I work 8.5 hours per day, which I don’t mind because I’m learning a lot, refining my skills, and getting paid for doing something I would be doing anyway.
Right now I’m trying to juggle work, and working on some stuff I have for 5Y2M such as the writing, editing, and graphic design. Plus some other things I have planned over the next 12 months for 5Y2M, and two other projects I’m working on to launch summer 2018 and end of year 2018.
One of which requires a multimillion dollar investment that I have no clue where it’s going to come from, but that’s okay, that’s what Faith is for. I don’t need to know where it’s coming from, I just know it’s going to happen.
I have clients I’m working with independently outside of my job for marketing projects. In addition, I have clients I work with and mentor to help with their own growth and personal development in other areas of their lives.
It’s a lot I know. My brain is always on the go asking “What’s next”.
In a given day I only get around 4-5 hours sleep. I work from 9am-5:30pm, stay back to get some more work done at the office until around 7pm. Get home around 8pm, and up working on my own projects until around 12-1am the following morning before going to bed to be back up by 6am for work.
The other night I was up working on one of the projects to be launched in 2018. As I got up to walk to the kitchen I literally felt my eyes starting to close. When I say close I mean I’m walking, my body is moving, I know my body is moving, and suddenly my eyes just started closing on their own. It was serious because my body literally was shutting down from lack of sleep, and I was about to fall over, and I could have seriously injured myself. Luckily I was able to shake myself back awake in the split second moment.
It was then I realized maybe I should call it a night.
I know the first thing you’re thinking is that I’m overdoing it. I should take it slow, and maybe you’re right. Call it the curse of the ‘overachiever’.
Now I’m not telling you all of this because I’m looking for hi-fives and awesomeness points. I’m letting you know all of this because I want you to understand something, I’m doing whatever it takes to win. You can’t have big goals, dreams, and visions for your life, and the impact you want to have, and your work day only happens from 9-5pm. That’s not how it works.
I know I may be pushing myself and my body to the limit, but you have to understand when you have a burning desire and obsession to win, then nothing else matters.
I have to win, I have to be the best at what I do, and I will be. So if that maybe means sacrificing a few more hours of sleep, of rest and relaxation to make it happen, then so be it.
I no longer seek understanding from others, because now I understand no one will understand (unless you have your own magnificent obsession that you’re working towards).
When you’ve been waiting 15 years for your moment like I have, and that moment has finally arrived, you can’t be passive or complacent in your execution. You have to be aggressive, because you never know when this moment, your moment will come again.
So I’m driven every day by the hunger to make it happen, and when it does, I want to know that someone, somewhere, some time in the future will read these words, and it will drive them to push to manifest the reality of their own magnificent obsession.
To realize their dreams. To create the life they’ve always wanted, rather than settling for the life they have.


What Am I Grateful For About This Situation?

I’m grateful to God for the opportunities and the doors that are opening up for me. Though I’m pushing hard, I don’t mind. I rather work hard now while the opportunity exists, than live with the regret of ‘If only I had…

What Did I Learn From This Situation?

I learned that I should take care of myself more, maybe get some more rest (maybe).

How Can I Use This In The Future To Become Better?

One of the things I have started doing which is working is instead of going straight into working on my projects after work, I come home a bit earlier, sleep for about 3-4 hours, then wake up and work for another 2-3 hours, before going back to bed for another 2-3 hours of sleep. It has been working, and I still get to maintain my intensity of execution.
Follow my journey as I document everything on my Journey 2 Mastery™ as it unfolds.
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