When You Want To Quit (Journey 2 Mastery™ series)

Here’s the thing, if you’re working on making any sort of progress in any area of your life, there will be moments when you feel like quitting.


If you’re working and you haven’t gotten that feeling of throwing in the towel, it’s either:


1. You’re not putting in enough work
2. What you’re working towards isn’t as important to you as you may think


Yesterday I had my fair share of the “quitty voices” (I literally just came up with that name). This article you’re reading right now almost didn’t get written (I’m just being real).


It was one of those few moments when I started questioning why I’m punishing myself by doing what I’m doing. It’s not that I don’t believe in what I’m doing. It’s just that there are times when you feel mentally drained by the process of trying to achieve something.


I remember just sitting down thinking to myself “I really have to get up and do this again?” I just felt drained and tired, not physically, but mentally. Yesterday I didn’t want to do anything (and I didn’t). I literally spent the whole day binge watching two seasons of Rick and Morty (can’t wait for season 3!).


Yesterday was one of those very rare occasions I wanted to be lazy, and not be a workaholic. Funny thing is these emotions will come up on you from time to time, without any warning or reason whatsoever.


That’s why you have to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings all the time. You can’t allow these feelings to take you over. If you’re not careful they’ll become habits, and you’ll find yourself in a constant state of frustration and anxiety, and not even know how you got there (believe me it’s happened to me before).


It’s okay to have a bad day, because we’re all human. But never allow yourself to have a bad week, month, or year (because then you’re in trouble).


To get over this hump I used the quickest way I know how to solve it. I thought about why I’m doing this in the first place, and why it’s important to me.


It wasn’t completely effective, but it was effective enough to get me to push one more time. It was enough to make me stay true to my commitment of two blog posts a week, and get this post out. That’s how at 11pm last night I decided to get this article written for today.


For me that’s a win!


It’s having the discipline to push through and stay true to your commitment, even when you don’t feel like.




I’m finally getting a new laptop next week (yay!). The old one crashed if you remember, and I’ve been using my phone to write these posts. That means I can now triple down on some things I want to make happen for 2018, so the planning and the work starts from now.


Keep working at your goals, stay committed to the process, and be consistent with your actions.


What Am I Grateful For About This Situation?


I’m grateful that though I do have moments when I feel like quitting, I have a strong reason why I’m doing what I do that helps me push through the process.


What Did I Learn From This Situation?


I learned sometimes it’s okay to have bad days, and even good to take a break once in a while to mentally recharge, as long as you don’t allow it to consume you.


How Can I Use This In The Future To Become Better?


To be a lot more conscious of my thoughts and emotions in the future that may cause me to quit, and continuously work on becoming better at mastering them.


Follow my journey as I document everything on my Journey 2 Mastery™ as it unfolds.


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