Why Only Working Hard to Achieve Your Goals Isn’t Enough

I thought it would be appropriate to start this week’s post with a quote by the legendary Jim Rohn that will significantly change your perspective and your life.
Income seldom exceeds personal development”- Jim Rohn
This post will help you understand:
  • Why working hard alone on your goals isn’t enough to achieve them
  • Why reading 100 books in a year doesn’t automatically equal growth and results
  • What you really need to do in order to not only achieve your goals, but sustain them
When it comes to goals we’ve been told “If you want to accomplish your goals work hard, if you want to accomplish bigger goals work harder”.
I’ve come to learn by studying successful people, being mentored by a few, and through my own experience that working harder, though important, doesn’t mean you’ll hit your goals. Even if you do chances are you won’t maintain it.
What you need to do is GROW towards your goals, while working hard. When you grow (growing your skills, your value to others, your mindset, your emotional intelligence), then you not only hit your goals, but keep them.


Why working hard alone on your goals won’t work

Let’s say on a scale of 1-10 your current level of growth (mindset, skillset etc.) is at a level of 4. Then let’s say the goal you wish to accomplish is at a level 7. What this means is in order to accomplish a goal that is at the level of 7, you too will also have to be at the level of 7 (at the very least).
Now you could easily push, claw, and crawl your way to your goal through hard work alone. Still, if you aren’t at the level of your goal in terms of your growth, your results will leave just as quickly as they came. You will then be back to where you were before.
It’s not a question of IF it will happen, but a question of WHEN. If your mind is used to getting results at a growth level 4, then at a level 7 it will do everything in its power to get back to a level 4.
You will sabotage your own success unknowingly.
This is due to your Identity of being a level 4, so your behaviours will have to match a level 4, not a level 7.
Over time you begin to become frustrated and start to wonder why your success seemed to be short-lived.
I have been there many times. Where I worked hard towards a goal, had sleepless nights and endless days, some days even going without eating, and finally hit the goal.
However, because mentally and emotionally I wasn’t at the level to maintain the results, it quickly fell back to my current level of growth.
Until I began working on myself and growing I was stuck at the same level for a VERY long time.


Solution: Work harder on yourself than you do on your goals

What you really want to do is work harder on yourself and your growth.
Here’s why:

1. When you grow yourself, you grow your awareness

Therefore opportunities and insights that can move you closer and faster towards your goals suddenly become apparent and obvious to you.
Why? Because now you’re seeing through a more ‘advanced’ set of eyes so to speak. A higher level of consciousness and perspective

2. It helps you to develop new skills and competences

This can help attract the right people who can not only help you to accomplish your goal, but more importantly maintain it.
People who are driven, ambitious, and visionaries are always looking for people who they perceive as having great value to work with.
That increased value only happens through your personal growth.

3. You gain greater confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed

Now you’re more knowledgeable and equipped, so you feel more confident in your ability to succeed and get the job done.
In other words ‘Competence creates Confidence
By nature I’m an introvert and reserved. I still laugh when I see the shock on people’s face when I tell them this.
This means that I prefer a private life away from public attention, keeping to myself and hardly talking to people. I fear rejection, criticism, and putting myself out there. I would rather hear than be heard, see rather than be seen.
However, I quickly learned that if I were to accomplish the huge goals and vision I have for my life I HAD TO grow. It was a must, a necessity. That requires being uncomfortable and doing the things I don’t like doing, but need to do.
This means in 2013 when I decided to take my last business to the next level I couldn’t remain the same me.
I had to learn to develop my People and Communication Skills because I didn’t know how to talk and deal with people. I had to lead others so I had to develop Leadership Skills.
I hated approaching others and networking but I had to put myself out there, break through the fear and learn to say “Hi, my name is Winston” with a smile. Even smiling was hard in the beginning.
I worked on each of these areas for twelve months straight each day starting from January 2013. It was then I saw my results skyrocket.
The simple act of improving myself over time improved my results, and most importantly maintained those results.
Let me say it again, I didn’t do it because I liked it, I did it because my goals are more important to me than the pain of putting myself out there.
You have to learn to do the same.


How to grow towards your goals

The best way is through Personal Development (not Reading only). The difference is reading means just that…reading! Knowledge gained through reading a book doesn’t automatically equal growth and results.
Personal Development comes from:
1. Reading
2. Applying with intentionality what your read (which means you’re on purpose with what you want to achieve from your reading and implementation)
3. Failing and looking stupid (This is a must for growth so suck up and get use to it)
4. Going back, reading the same material again to figure out how to improve upon what you did
5. Course correct and implement again
6. Repeating the process until you’ve gain a level of solid competency and understanding in what you read
In other words applying the Do Observe Correct concept into your growth, not trying to be perfect.
I caution you to keep in mind that you don’t get points for how many books you’ve read. You don’t achieve your goals quicker by being able to repeat the hundreds of books you read last year and being impressive to others.
You achieve your goals through deliberate practice and growth.


How to start on your journey of personal growth towards your goals

1. Don’t try to do too much at once

Take a look within and ask yourself the question “What one thing could I work on about myself, that if I became really good in this area would significantly improve my results?

2. Find someone who has the character trait or success you desire to have and model them

It doesn’t have to be someone you know. Find out through research, or asking if possible, what books would they recommend in the area you want to improve. Also, how you can do what they did to be successful.
For example, Tony Robbins is someone I admire greatly, and have modeled in more ways than one. I’ve never had a conversation with him but I can tell you that the first personal growth books he ever read were Think and Grow Rich, and The Magic of Believing.
I can tell you his entire life story coming up because I’ve heard it so many times. Plus I can tell you he studied NLP, was mentored by Jim Rohn, and to a small extent how to model his approach to help people get results.
That was done through extensive research and modeling.

3. Find 2-3 books in the one area you have a desire to improve

Become better through study and implementation of the information in those books (I would recommend 3-6 months of study and implementation before moving on to any more material).
When I wanted to learn about consistency and developing discipline I focused on only reading two books and no more. One was Transform Your Habits by James Clear, and the second was The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.
Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information. Focus creates clarity, clarity stimulates action (not inaction), and action creates growth and results.

4. DO NOT get distracted by a bunch of new information

What I see happen often to others, and has happened to me in the past, is the temptation to indulge in a bunch of books and information. The thought that more information means faster growth and quicker results is a delusion.
I caution you not to fall into this trap. Remember the goal is to become better, not more informed.



It’s not about how hard you work (No I’m NOT going to say ‘it’s how smart you work’). It’s about growing towards your goals by becoming a better you through continuous implementation of information
Know what you want to accomplish and the one thing you can work on to get you there, then focus all your efforts on improving that one thing and ONLY one.
Do this until you’ve become good at it before moving on to another area.


Quick Tip!

The one advice I can give is be patient with yourself. Patience throughout the process is going to be your biggest ‘test of faith’.
The initial part of the process will be frustrating at times, and it will seem like nothing is working. Your first thought is going to be to give up and move on to something new.
However, if you stick with it, in time you will begin to see improvements in yourself, and soon improvement in your results.
A book that helped to put things into perspective for me, and helped me learn to be more patient and disciplined with the process was The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner.
Remember the race is not for the swift, but for those who are consistent and committed to the process.
To your success my friend!


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