How To Start Building Self Confidence In The First 7 Days Working Out

Have you noticed that people who workout regularly, and have an amazing body also seem to be more confident? This isn’t by chance, it’s by design. Obviously looking good can help you to feel good about yourself also.

The challenge is waiting until you actually get to that slim and sexy physique to actually feel good about yourself.
What if you could start feeling good about yourself within the first 7 days of working out, even without seeing any change in your body or results just yet?
Curious? Then keep reading.
What I’m saying isn’t anything hypothetical or in theory, but something I’ve discovered when I started my workout routine, and also once I started helping others to stick with theirs.
There’s something powerful in following through on a task you set out to do that somehow makes you feel good about yourself.
I have a gentleman I started working with in April. He shared with me that he had always tried different workout programs but for some reason could never stick with any of them. He would always start, life would happen, and for one reason or another he would start slipping back into old habits of not working out. Of course this would affect anyone’s self-confidence.
I met with him, did an assessment, and customized a plan for the fitness goals that he had. Every day for the first 7 days I would check in with him just to see how he was progressing. At the end of the first 7 days I noticed that he seemed a bit more self-assured, more confident.
I asked him “How do you feel?”. He responded “Winston I feel more powerful, as though I could dominate in other areas of my life I struggle to be more disciplined in.” I thought that was it but then he went on, “Even wifey saying she seeing a bit of abs starting to show”. We both laughed.
This made me feel good, and of course it made him feel good about himself.
What if you could have that same feeling? If your wife (or husband) complimented you on how they can see the physical change. In other words you’re becoming even more attractive to them? What would that do for your self-esteem and self-confidence?
Now as I mentioned this isn’t by chance, but by designed. Since the same thing happened for me when I started, I had reverse-engineered exactly what I did. I was able to codify the process of building self-confidence in others through working out. It’s not so much the working out that’s the trick, it’s more so sticking with the workout routine, and being consistent.


Working Out and Building Self Confidence Within Your First 7 Days

Now let’s break down the exact step-by-step process of helping you develop your self-worth and self-confidence.

1. Identify Your Image of Self Confidence

If I should say “Picture yourself and describe the person you would be if you had unwavering self-confidence”, what are some words that come to mind?
Whatever your answer is write it down (your going to need this next).
Now I want you to give this person you just described a name or identity. Whether it be Confident Charlie or Susan The Confident, doesn’t matter what, ensure it’s something that speaks to you personally, and that you can associate with. This will be your Identity of Confidence

2. Create Your Self Affirming Statement

Let’s say you used the words Bold, Strong, and Powerful to describe your confident self, now use those words to create an affirming statement. Your self affirming statement would be something like this “I am someone who NEVER misses a day to workout. I am Bold, Strong, and Powerful!”
Repeat your statement at least 5 times in the morning (whether you are working out then or not). To increase it’s effectiveness write down the statement on 3×5 cards, carry with you, and repeat it throughout the day.

3. Create Small Wins for Yourself

Affirming your statement is one thing, but to truly create your new confident self you have to actually follow through with your actions. This is how you create small wins.
A small win doesn’t mean that you are at the size, weight, or physique you wish to be. It means that you followed through with your workout routine you committed to, after celebrating and congratulating yourself for doing so. In other words celebrating that you took action.

4. Reaffirm and Reinforce Your New Identity of Confidence

Now that you’ve taken action, created a small win for yourself, and celebrated it, now you have to cement it through reinforcement.
What I mean by that is repeating your affirming statement, but in a way that brings it to the attention of your subconscious. The reason this is important is in order for you to truly believe that you are becoming the new confident person your subconscious mind has to also accept it as truth.
That only happens through not just your words, but also your actions.
An example of a reinforcing statement would be “I TRULY am a person of Confidence! Every workout routine I do brings me one step closer to becoming someone who is Bold, Strong, and Powerful!”
Finally, close your eyes and imagine the new and confident person you are. How they act, speak, behave, in every situation. The more vivid and the stronger the feelings you can imagine, the greater the reinforcement will be.
To help you stick with your workout routine, create small wins, and build your self-worth and self-confidence I’ve created a free practical guide that goes into much greater detail.
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It’s important to note that for this technique to be effective you have to take daily action CONSISTENTLY for the first 7 days, and do not miss a day. Both in your affirmation and reinforcing statements, along with actually doing the workout routine.
The more days you follow through and take action with your workout, then the stronger the confidence builder. The opposite is also true the more days you miss.
The first 7 days isn’t meant to be a permanent fix, nor is it enough to fully cement your new Identity of Confidence. The point is with this technique you’ll be able to feel the difference, and feel good about yourself after just 7 days of doing it. Even if you haven’t developed a single muscle or dropped a single pound.
This will create the drive and desire to make you want to continue to stick with and follow through with your workout routine daily and consistently, until you begin to see results.


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